little bro shouting me

Discussion in 'General' started by Got Milk, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Haha my little brother (16yrs old) is shouting me weed as im dry..

    I was all down as i had no weed, he walks in ands like "Wanna get hiiiiii??" hahha

    Legend :D

    Anyone got siblings who are down to toke? and arnt worryed about shouting?

    haha ima go toke now =]
  2. I pure pressure my brother daily lol. I kick in his door and yell "lets smoke" he then refuses but I always bring my jar with me I open it and let the smell do the rest, usually it just takes a bit of the wiff. My brother is more of a drinker then a smoker. Sometimes he will tell me to go smoke with him but usually me getting him high, I love getting other people high, especially when they don't smoke chronic, and they get there first taste of real smoke its funny to see there reaction to some high quality bud. I had my friend over and I showed him the bud and he got kind of nervous when I showed him the bud, he was like what are those white crystals on it, I was like thats the stuff that gets you high, smoke this. Lol way off topic, me and my brother smoke each other out at least 2-3 times a week.

  3. nope, mines a tool. when i was younger he found blunts and zigzags in my closet and told my parents.... he was 17 then and I was younger :hide:

    even kids who dont smoke at that age don't give a fuck
  4. Haha man that sucks major, i found out my bro smoked wen i was only 17 haha we started smokin together now and then, and now we are best friends :D
    Its awesome to have a toking buddy living with you.
  5. castarr creeps. Sweet toking boy n'tics. tru peace t'ya daddy mo sheet.
  6. My older sister is a big square and has never smoked. I've been trying to peer pressure my fraternal twin sister (I'm a guy) to smoke with me the last couple summers since our parents are away all summer. She still fun :(
  7. My sister smokes on occassion, so whenever I have any and I'm at her house, she'll smoke with me.
  8. Me and my bro smoke all the time. We have gotten our younger sister (18) to smoke with us a few times but she doesnt really like it.
  9. yea thats like my brother. Never smoked once in his life. I accidentally left dutch guts on the kitchen table once, my mom saw it, and asked my brother what it was. He covered for me and said it was a leaf and threw it out. He then proceeded to call me and tell me how much of a dumbass i was - i think i woulda rather just had my mom yell at me.

    I was 19 and he was 24, btw
  10. same situation here, except i was 17 and he smelled the weed in my room.

    oh well, at least i didnt have to keep hiding the fact i blaze, so i guess he kind of did me a favor?
  11. wtf is shouting?
  12. Noun



    shout (plural shouts)

    1. A loud burst of voice or voices; a vehement and sudden outcry, especially of a multitudes expressing joy, triumph, exultation, or animated courage.
    2. (Australian, New Zealand, British, slang) a round of drinks in a pub, the turn to pay the shot or scot: Whose shout?!
    3. (British) (Australian) (slang) an emergency services call.


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