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  1. **skip to the "##" for my problem**
    Hello im currently new to the growing atmosphere and to be honest let me start off by saying HOLY SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA! There is so much knowledge to learn its easy to get lost in the fray of wisdom. PH balancing, Nutrient deficiencies, Air circulation, Feeding schedules, Heat build up, CO2 consumption, Grow medium, Lighting, Stealth, Infestations, Bacteria/Fungui, and basic math its surprising that cannabis grows in the first place.

    Thankfully we live in the 21st century which is a double edged sword in its self, everyone has there own style but no matter what they all know the basic's.

    With my Auto Feminized Northern Lights (my first grow) Ive learned so much ive damage and killed seeds in germination. Ive planted some and over watered. So im hoping all my mess ups lead to me learning.

    ## Onto the issue my plant is in day 20 of veg and has a feint showing of yellow. Also these dead spots or rust spots are showing on three of the fan leaves. The tips of majority of the leaves are turning yellow/brown. I've outlined most issues for this to my knowledge to either be a Magnesium deficiency attacking lower leaves but since there's spots on leaves a little near the top I believe it maybe burn spots from nutrient lock/burn since I was feeding them nutrients every feed( I know its a rookie mistake) so what I did was flush it with PH 6.7 distilled water and first I i tested what the PH of the run off was and it was 6.2-6.3 when I ran 6.7 through the soil. Now the run off is 6.7 and i have flushed it. Today marks the 21st day of veg what should me next steps be in fixing these issues.
    Quick facts:
    strain: Auto fem northern lights
    Nutrients: Fox farm trio
    water: Distilled (ph balanced to 6.7)
    Medium: soil FFOF (Fox Farm Ocean Forrest)
    Light: MH 400 watt air cooled hood
    light schedule: 18on 6 off
    week: 3
    Light height from plants 24 inches
    grow room: 2x4 gorilla grow tent
    Ventilation: store bought fan
    humidity: Unknown (thinking of buying a meter for this variable)

    any thoughts?


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    Your plant looks fine. You are over thinking it. You may be thinking mag deficiency because of the slight yellowing of the veins. I'm not saying that it is not possible for a 3 week old plant to start showing slight deficiencies but at 3 weeks old it is very unlikely for a plant to have any sort of deficiency given it is in a proper soil (which it is). That particular plant/strain may just exhibit slightly yellow veins. It is far more common to have too much of something at this age rather than not enough...although your plants certainly do not look burnt. Have you already started feeding? Some plants are more hungry than others but i usually dont feed anything at all until week 3 or 4. The Another thing...6.7ph is a little high. The 6.2-6.3 you stated you had before is about perfect for soil.
  3. Thanks i chilled out and gave them a very small dose of cal/mag plus and everything cleared up and started turning a sold green throughout. I also found out i was root bound and needed to transplant (2 gal pot to a 3 gal) since this is a first grow its more experimental for me.

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