Little big problem with a leaf. Help

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  1. Hi guys. Yesterday i upgraded my G-box and today one leaf closer to the side light has some brown spots.
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    My girl is 8 weeks old and she start to develop her sex. The white hairs are very small and i don't really know when i must change the light for flowering period.

    I have 2 questions:

    - what do you think is the problem with the leaf?
    - when do i need to change the light and switch to 12/12?

    156W cfl top light
    50W side light
    Ph 6.6 N-P-K 3,6-2,7-1,9

    Please help!

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  2. I thinks it matter of personal preference when to switch to flower phase. Usually when their 12" tall or if your limited on height like me, I switch earlier since they will continue to grow for awhile before they stop.
  3. Thanks. What about the leaf? Now i'm on 18/6 and until yesterday i had 20/4 light cycle. Do you think is nute burn or light stress?

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  4. I've had light burn on my 1st grow and it turn my buds white, light bleach, I may be wrong but it may be note burn. I was told mine was and I flushed and I am almost positive cause they are looking great today and I'm using a 400w hps with 6 2700k 23w (100w eq) cup bulbs I have down low for better side growth and I have my plants about 5 inches from the glass on my hood. But I had cold air blowing through my hood so I can touch the glass and it's cold, not even warm. I would flush and back off nutes. I was feeding according to Fox farms manual not even questioning it, but all my 3 grows had same problem so I know mine was burn. Then I was thinking the levels they recommend are for full size plants but I keep mine to about 2 feet, case I'm limited on height and I LST my plants. So you figure I'm an adult and my 2 year old doesn't eat as much as I do, if he did he would be sick and vomiting like my plants. Lol. Flush, and give it a day or 2, your burnt leaves won't get better but new growth will be good. Hope this helps cause I know for the past year I thought it was a deficiency but looks like I was wrong. Good luck. Follow up on here and I'll post pics of my whole plant tonight so you can compare to yours
  5. Thank you so much for your reply. I wait for your pics. I will began flowering in the next 2 days and i brought a nute with NPK 3,5-7-4,5. And i was planing to use it for 2 weeks in flowering and then change it with something around 1-4-7. Do i have a good plan or am i doing something wrong?
    I also read something about 24h darkness befor starting the 12/12 cycle. What do you know about this?

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  6. I really don't know about the levels of nutes, like ratings, I follow what Fox farm give me hoping it's right. As for dark period, I transplant to final pot and while they are draining I am switching my bulb and resetting my timer and immediately go 12/12 and had no problems and all 3 grows I had buds starting. In 2 or 2 1/2 weeks. I use Fox farms trio line . oh wait my lights didn't go out yet. I'll get pics now
  7. Ok. Thanks. I don't have fox farm where i live so i have to improvise from random flower companies.

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  8. The 1st 2 pics are bubblelicious and the rest are white widow. Not in same sold mixture fed ND watered same amounts but you can see how 1 plant tolerates it better than the other

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  9. Nice girls. Thanks for your advice.

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