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  1. I noticed on my plants they are getting little baby leafs started on the woody part of the plant.
    The plants are about 6 weeks old had grow in daylight and now seem to enjoy being bathed by 4 -40 watt flor with one 150 watt HPS.
    The flors are 8" away form the tops of the plants ( that are only 1 foot tall and the HPS is 4 foot from the tops.

    These baby leafs are interesting becaue I have never seen something liek this.
    I think it may be because of a high humidity rate although there is no mold.

    PS I tryied to seem pictures but have to find a way to make them smaller. When I can I will send them.
  2. Here is a picture of the little baby leafs

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  3. Good job. they look good so far.

    Those baby leaves you are refering to are called axials, they grow from between the petiole(fan leave stam) and the main stem these will grow out, some will reach the center of the plant when all said and done. these produce the smaller clusters of buds.

    also you said your hps is 4 feet above, I would lower it a bit, to around 20 some inches, if I recall correctly you are able to start as low as 18 inches, but with a 150 i would try putting them as close as possible to maximise potential... they look good so far dude keep it up.

    also i wanted to run this by someone, so ill ask here as it has been brought up... A friend told me he experimented with trimming a few plants in his grow, what he did was cut the axials off when they started to grow, and as a reult when it was done flowering, the whole main stem was a stick of buds... my Q is, does this sound about right?

    take care.
  4. I'll cut one like that and see what happens.
    To verify..
    Your saying remove the axial leafs?
  5. hey,

    those axial leaves will keep growing untill they turn into side branches. as for cutting them off why dont you just take a clone instead if you clone then as soon as it has rooted (veg for 2-3 days) put it into flower this will make a big bud with no side branches! chill,
  6. i think ur plants are elongated.

    ill attach a pict of what a nice node size is in the eerie glow of HPS


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  7. yes they do look a bit stretched but it could just be the strain because ive had two different strains in the same grow room and one stretched alot more than the other.

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