Literally just broke pipe half

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  1. Was emptying my 14' sherlok holmes pipe an it
    Just broke I'n half . I hit it softly on it's side with A lighter like i have a thousand times before and it just broke and shattered . I' was so mad but i am evened mader that i didn't take a picture of it . I just looked at it and threw it over the fence and right after i was I'n disbelief of what just happened :(
  2. Glass doesn't last forever. Especially long ass pipes.
  3. Ya i know man it's fucking sucks
  4. Pics or it never happen

    Sorry,I had to.....I'd be super bummed if my sherlock broke, sorry man
  5. Don't tap a glass piece with a lighter.. Use the palm of your hand or your fingers.

    And I think you meant a 14" pipe. A 14' would be bad ass! Though maybe a little hard to hit/clear :smoking:
  6. Lmfao thanks and hahaha that would be sick

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