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Listing effects I want to feel and avoid when doing weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Im going to list a few effects I get of weed because Im going to start outdoor autoflowering and I want to pick the right strain, could you please give me a good one on
    thats cheap and does/avoids these:
    -Makes me feel closer to nature
    -Avoids paranoia (especially when alone, important one)
    -Avoids feeling stupid the next couple of days (important one)
    -Makes me feel like Im not in my body
    -Gives a good buzz
    -Avoids getting headaches
    -Stops/limits mild anxiety
    -Good for mild asthma
    -Makes vision clearer
    -Makes everything funny
    Thanks :smoke:
  2. -No burnout
    -Not sleepy after
  3. Don't smoke, guarantee you won't get any of those side effects
  4. Aha this thread is dead :D
  5. Which one did you choose!?
  6. What the fuck have read..? Op are you serious are you a scientist or some shit?
  7. Dont remember lol but Im getting sativas, imo indicas make being high feel boring
  8. Totally agree.
  9. Haha with indicas I just sit down all day and feel tired :L guess its good for pain and insomniacs, God must have made it for a reason :smoke:

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