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Listening to music while high, Best and worst experiences.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TryHardStoner, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. My best experience would be the time I first heard "He Jude" by The Beatles, I just lay on my bed with the lights off freaking out and singing along, I was just imagining so many weird things, like walking through a field with the sun just about to set and big colorful flowers just sprouting around me, the entire sky was basically a rainbow, It was incredibly vivid, Euphoric is the only word that can even come close to describing it, after I asked my friends "did that freak you guys out aswell?! they basically had the exact same trip with the field, It freaked us the fuck out but it was amazing.

    My worst would be the first time I properly whitied (During my early smoking days) I was lying on my bed feeling a strong sense of impending doom it was actually scary so i asked my friend to put a chill, happy song on, he got up to find a song so I just laid down hoping that the song would help, he put "Go to sleep" by Torus on.. It goes something like this " GO TO SLEEP (RAWRARWRARWRAWWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB" and then says something about "The rythem of the war drums" so I was just sitting there imagining demons marching through hell with the lights off freaking out.. It scared the shit out of me but I still consider it one my best smoking sessions due to how unique the "trip" was.

    You guys have any bad/good experiences with music while you're high?
  2. Sounds intense, I've had very similar experiences when you mix marijuana and music, usually I'll play the air drums and I can actually imagine I'm hitting them lol once I put Boston throughout the entire house and danced around while no one was home haha good times. Also, I listened to mother by John Lennon while stoned and it made me extremely sad, I started crying cause I was so moved.
  3. It was one of my first times getting high and me and my friends were waiting on a friend to get back from a place to blaze more, so we all just laid on some grass on a starry night. I was high as fuck listening to Sleepy Silver Door by Dead Meadow and just watched the stars dance for me in the beautiful, night sky. It was as if I had reached internal peace and was extremely blissful. It was the best experiences I have ever had with listening to music stoned.
  4. I got high as shit. Like an 8. Hit up the gym like I do everyday cause I'm a personal trainer and stay in shape myself.

    Chat up some babes. Pump some iron. 3 hours later peacs from the gym.

    On the car ride home I'm at about a 3 still (low tolerance cause I only smoke about .3 a day) and I hit up the classic rock station in my car.

    Led Zeppelin graces my ears and as my eyes widen I crank the volume control notch to the right to near maximal volume,
  5. and just rocked the hell out to Zep. I sure got the Led out that day. Ah what a Wonderful World ;)

    Sorry for the double post, I'm on my cell and at a 7 so I'm not the most competent.

    Keep smoking boys.
  6. LOL op had me gigglin and shit haha
  7. Does anyone else like to listen to Animal Collective while high?
  8. [ame=]Animal Collective - My Girls [w/ lyrics] - YouTube[/ame]

  9. Haha i was gonna say animal collective.
    One of my buddies had me watch the movie/ long music video/ trippy film at a party and atleast 6 kids came in sat down and said whatcha watching lasted about a minute then left like what the fuck did i just see.

    The best has to definatley be the first time i heard pink floyd and every single time i hear pink floyd.
  10. I usually have my best stoned musical experiences while listening to The Devin Townsend Band...good stuff:

    [ame=]Devin Townsend Band - Away - YouTube[/ame]
  11. I got scared shitless by the beginning of that Change song by Pink Floyd
  12. IM on my xbox 360 listening to music kansas-dust in the wind with other songs playing video games at the same time
    I use my PS3 to download music and listen to it I use my Ps3 headphone to listen to it while i switch to a different channel for my xbox so ill be play COD and be playing songs at the same time and its like the best feeling in the world when i get a care package while rocking out dude you got to try it LOL
  13. When I was a young padawan toker, me and my buddies would smoke waterfalls and then play video games and shit. One time I had one too many waterfalls and told them I needed to lie down.
    So I did, and put on my headphones to listen to some trippy stuff to chill me out. What actually ended up happening was it became so intense I kept twitching and thought my bones were crumbling, but it was still kinda cool I suppose :laughing:

    [ame=]10 - John Frusciante - Failure 33 Object (Shadows Collide With People) - YouTube[/ame]
  14. I've never had any bad experiences listening to music while high but I've certainly discovered a lot more tunes since using cannabis
  15. The second time I got high I listened to the Pixies' "Distance Equals Rate Times Time" with my brother and got completely lost in it.

    Music's the only reason I continued to get high.

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