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listening to music to not zone out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey i have a quick question, Im the type of person that reaches a certain high and stops because i dont like zoning out looking at some carpet while im with my friends. But i have this friend that he basicly can smoke and smoke and smoke and he just seems to always have a good time. One thing i noticed is when he smokes alot he always puts one ear bud in so im wondering if i start listening to music whlie im smoking will this keep my mind semi occupied so i wont green out?
  2. Music typically makes me zone out IMO... Everyone is different it might help you, you just have to try it for yourself.
  3. yeah im just preparing cause im going to be getting smoked out this weekend. So basicly is getting high all about your confidence of being able to handle it?
  4. Yea you got to go into it with a good mindset.
  5. I jam to really heavy beats that make me move around when i blaze.
  6. How can you not listen to music while high? It's 100x better then listening to sober.
    I make it a point to listen to music every time I get high and even have a playlist just for when I'm smoking.
  7. "When the stress melts my brain just like acid raindrops marijuana is the only thing that makes the pain stop." Thats where you got your name right?

    No im fully aware of how fucking amazing music sounds when your high, im just saying you zone out when your mind is in idol so im asking if im listening to music would that constantly be stimulating my mind so i wouldn't zone out?
  8. ^^^ same here i usually make a cd before a sesh if i have time, then just jam. at the same time music makes me zone i just get into the sway and my mind takes a trip
  9. Yes it is. :D

    Umm.. I don't zone out in a sense like "How long have I fuckin been starin at the floor?" but I kinda zone out in a sense that, I'm focusing on the song and lyrics and not really what people are conversating about and shit because the music is just more appealing. :D

    I think you're thinking too much, smoke up.. get stoned.. have a good time whether it's conversating with people, listening to music, or just staring at the carpet thinking about shit lol.

    It's as simple as turning the music off if you feel like it's distracting you too much when you're high. When the time comes just let your high flow.
  10. Hell yeah Duse music is he shit when your high, bt you will zone out.. But innto the music so make sure your listining to some sick shit like eminem or kid cudi if u like rap and if u like rock put on some sublime or led zepplin

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