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    Some people can talk their heads off, while others may not say even a word. I like to think of this as observers
    [listeners] and blind people[talkers]. Listen, learn, understand. Thats my motto, I'm not much of a talker. I will only talk to someone if they spark my interest or they do not know something that I do. People talk about the most useless shit that it bugs the hell out of me. If we observe all the time, aren't we taking in more information than the talkers are? I would think so.

    I've had people ask me what I was thinking about and I never really tell them the truth, I just tell them nothing. Why? I like to think deeply, and I suppose if I tell them, they would like to add their opinion onto what I'm thinking about, right? I've actually let one friend in on what I was thinking and we came up with alot of theories. Somethings he seemed to be on track about but on other subjects he was babbling about nothing.

    Everyone has great ideas but I would rather talk to an observer alot more than I would a talker. Talkers seem to be more interested in their life stories and the gossip that goes around town. I feel as if talkers have to prove their intelligence by talking more so they can feel as if their right about themselves, while we are content in knowing our intelligence and have to prove nothing.

    Do we know ourselves better than they do? I'm not saying we are any better than talkers, we are indeed made out of the same thing. Meaning were equal, BUT we do not operate in the same ways they do. I would guess a talker would be furious reading this cause it seems like I'm putting them down. I am not, I am telling you how quiets work and why we do not need to socially interact every five minutes or however long.

    If a talker is alone, he is observing right? Well he can be both a talker and listener correct? But of course they cannot think about stuff as much as we do. Does that mean they can be manipulated easier? I wouldn't know, I am not much of a talker. I only talk when need be or spoken to. We seem to use more of our imagination than a talker would, because were always thinking, right?

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -A.E

    What are your views on quiets, talkers? Quiets, what are your views on talkers?
  2. I don't mean to come off as a dick with that, I do interact with people alot, not just on the internet. I just "grouped" two main categories of the human race and simplified. No one has any thoughts about this?
  3. Not a talker here either. It seems as though some people talk because silence makes them uncomfortable, at least in the company of others. Maybe they need constant interaction to feel like they belong to society or something. Then it seems like some talkers just need to hear themselves yap, and I believe it has to do with some sort of insecurity issue. The folks that are always talking about themselves or something they did. I've known a few of them in my life and I'm glad I don't know them anymore.

    Btw, you are right on with what your saying ;). The correct term your looking for is "introvert". Extroverts are more outgoing and what you would call "talkers". There are some introverts that can be just as loud/louder then an extrovert though. I think theres 16 different personality types. It costs some $ to get the tester though. I got it from a class im taking in college & I even got to go to a workshop for it :)
  5. Good to know, I came up with that on my own time and to have some evidence to back it up feels like I've accomplished something. :D

    But I am still interested in others views so please tell.
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    Edit: Ahh poop didn't mean to post twice in a row.
    Guess I just have more to say.

    They do in fact operate in different ways, but they share the same law of equations that this Earth has setup for us.
    Don't be afraid to share your ideas, and don't be afraid to offend anyone.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Seuss

    After all, it is the quiet ones that you should look out for. ;)
  7. First off, what you had said is real.

    Although, I would not consider it to be evidence.
    The evidence is in the perceiving of your surroundings.
  8. ^^^^^

  9. Very nice post. :) Anywhere the Tao is discussed is a good place to be.
  10. i would consider myself both a talker and more of listener-i see what your saying- talkers and listeners can also work good together by bartering information-your mood and state of mind also effect yourself when being compared to a talker or listener-i kno if i drink some coffee that day ill prolly end up talking like a motherfucker-or if im feeling mellow or down about something i become more of a listener

    in my mind i would think theres many different types of talkers and listeners-theres talkers thatll go on about nothing-sometimes that could be cause they might be uncomfortable being with silence around someone new-then theres talkers thatll tell stories to try and build or hype up their image -most times i can see right through those people-alot of em are fake
    -listeners are a little more tricky to break down some are observant -some are shy and some dont take much interest i others
    i only broke down a few but both catagories definately have alot more to em
  11. Bud : You seem to talk a lot for a listener. Just kidding.... :D

    I'm listner of my talk. I talk, and I listen to myself talk. There is nothing better than listening to yourself talk.

    Sometimes I think so fast, I cannot possibly understand all I'm thinking. So I slow down my thoughts by talking... well, typing, rather. I don't talk out loud, because other people would think I'm crazy, so I type what I'm thinking.

    It's not too fast... It's not too slow... Just about right...

    When your listening and talking are balanced, I can type so much... it just flows...

    But when they are not balanced, I'm stuck.

    Anyway, interesting post.
  12. I talk to myself when contemplating the interconnectedness of reality. I guess you're right about it slowing down the flow of thoughts.

    High thought, but maybe you're realigning your mind's associations.
  13. right... realigning thoughts...

    When they're all scattered.. I need to type them or something...

    I like doing things that combines the body and the mind... Like typing what I'm thinking. (writing with pen is good too.)

    Or playing golf. :D

  14. GC is the outpouring of my mind's spontaneity.
  15. It's fast becoming mine too! :smoke:
  16. So you believe talkers have more energy? Everything you say is thought about in your mind before you actually say it. Doesn't that take energy? Aren't you releasing more energy by talking and thinking? Are we conserving our energy by just thinking?
  17. Energy is still used up with thinking, but rather than outputting that energy through your mouth, you keep it grounded in your body. It's like a fractal of energy that keeps on rotating until you spit it out. Then it just becomes a strand of energy.
  18. Yup.

    So wouldn't my energy be more of an impact when I speak?
  19. Positive, if it wasn't thought about before you say it then you wouldn't of said it. Realizing is different though, which I think you misunderstood.

    Your teeth does not move, I think you ment your jaw.

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