Listen to this Weird, Catchy, Creative Dope Track.

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  1. Well, I'm not a rapper, nor do I smoke but I am an artist at heart in everything I do.
    I purchase some edibles so that will be my first time trying. I used to be a BIG anti-weed person but as I grew and grew an open mind and more spiritual, I learned new things. 
    But anyway, I did this track for fun, as a hobby just to express thoughts. If you're high right now or bored, listen to this track and share, like and download  :hippie:


  2. wack shit
  3. Ha! It's not like I was trying to spit mad metaphors and lyrics on it. Made it in like 20 minutes. Let's see you do better than anything I have my soundcloud. Hm? Can't hear you..what?
  4. you don't smoke but you came to a marijuana forum to tell us to listen to your track high? are we an easy target?
    You don't have to smoke to understand the atmosphere of it. I said just listen to it high because of the beat tempo. 
  6. I'm not high but I'll listen to it on my break in a minute
  7. cool beat but you probably got it off soundclick. bad lyrics, bad mix 1/10
    Nope, beat wasn't from soundclick. :D
    Mixing wasn't suppose to be studio quality. As I said, I did the only thing in 20 minutes, including the lyrics, recording and etc.
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    ok well don't share a song if it comes with a disclaimer. it's not good music regardless of the amount of time that went into it. I'm not gonna give you props for speed lmao
  10. Lmao! I was just sharing just to share. It's good music to me and the people who downloaded it haha. Thanks though. ...for the extra views  :hippie:
  11. you're welcome. I'm giving advice from a producers perspective. you don't need a professional studio for studio quality sound. Do some research and learn from YouTube, there's a wealth of information for amateur artists on the internet.

    good luck bud
  12. You mean I have to install all my DAW software again and make a beat and a song people will like?
  13. I agree with everyone on here but I'm having to laugh my ass off cuz I just got done doin my verse and the hook for one of my songs usin this exact same beat yesterday lmfao, just waitin on my homie to get his verse done lmao, idk if this is against the rules, if so lemme know and I'll get rid of it but heres a rough recording of it incase anyone wants to check it out, just keep in mind it's super rough, gonna sound alot better when I rerecord it lol

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    LMAO that's crazyyyy. I knew I wasn't the only one that thought this was perfect for this type of vibe. Let's combine the tracks yo :D
  15. I already got my homie gettin on it, and not tryin to sound rude or anything but wasn't a fan of yours lol
  16. yea this isnt good, you cant make a smoking song if you dont smoke. 
  17. I actually can rap and record.
  18. Oh yeah look at my name doesn't it sound like a rappers name?
  19. Because that is my rap name. Freestyle monster.

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