Listen to this song right now, especially if you're baked.

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  1. Ok, I don't care what type of music you all listen to.

    All I'm saying, is give it a try and smoke a bowl throughout this entire song. Yeah, even if you don't like it at the beginning, let it play through once, the whole time while you're baked.

    And give it a listen...tell me what you think, it's better if you've got headphones on and turn it full blast.

    Toke it up, hit the spoon bong joint blunt vap or whatever else you use that i am forgetting since i am baked, but yeah give it a listen.

    The song is called: "Tout Le Monde Debout" by Mr Vegas & Neg Marron

    Let me know when you guys start listening, I'll listen to it the same time you do as well, lol.

    p.s. - I already know the answer, but for those that know also...answer this question, "Where did you hear this song at?" Obviously I know the answer, that's where I heard it for the first time. If you're into the same thing I'm into, you'll know where the song came from.
  2. I wish i could understand wtf they are saying
  3. lol, that's not the point though. Ignore the language barrier, and just chill back relax and listen to the you like it so far?

    Shit, no one ever understands what Sigur Rios are saying, but they make some good trippy ass songs.
  4. lol, yeah i love that song man, WAR GSP! i like that whole album, actually.
  5. i like it but I don't know what is being said, non the less i like it I will listen to it tonight while stoned. JOE>

  6. hehe yeah, i can't understand shit either, but just listen to the tune, it has a bomb ass beat to listen to while baked. Tout Le Debout....rush! rush! rush! rush!
  7. Yep yep, YOU KNOW! ala Frank Trigg. War GSP indeed, he will be the next ww champ..then bj beats him in the rematch lol
  8. Sorry man this song makes me feel a little gay.

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