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Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, May 22, 2004.

  1. On June 2nd i gotta go to court for an MIP. ( i got caught with alcohol in school in february)
    Yesterday i was holdin some weed for my friend till the end of the day and someone ratted me out and now i got in trouble for that too.
    And today i got my first "random drug test" and i failed :(
    By the way my mom found i "officially" smoke weed only today. Cuz b4 she assumed it but i always denied it. Things are so shitty right now. Alot of other bad things have happend too.
  2. so, why were you holdin it for your friend? why did anyone know you had it? why did that particular person um.. tattle? i'm guessing you dunno who did it, huh.. coulda been your friend even. you sure they're your friend? :/
  3. same thing happened to me got ratted out for attempt to purchase(if thats even a crime) but i passed my 4 drug tests
  4. All i got to say is shit like this seems bad but it will all blow over and you'll be fine.

    Another thing, I would never carry someone elses weed other than my best friends. You never know who the person told about it or who knows that you have it. So its just best to keep a low profile most of the time and be smart about shit.

    Analyze, thats what stoners do best.
  5. Ya i have no clue who ratted on me. Next time if i have weed in school i am keepin it in my bra the whole time. And im not holdin no one elses shit.

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