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    Hello GC community.

    I have been reading threads for a while now and I've decided to give it a try for myself. I have been smoking since I was 15, but now I can only smoke during certain months due to DTs. My goal is to grow enough for personal use during those months so I won't have to play the weed game. I probably only need 2 ounces or so, but if I get more I won't complain. This setup will be in my own house, but I have family that lives pretty close. They have only been to my house twice in a year and have never left the living room.

    Here's what I have so far:
    8, 23w cfls, 6500k for vegging. I will invest in a 400w HPS soon.
    Covert cabinet that I made out of a tv stand. It can be put in a closet for better temp control during vegging.
    Large storage cabinet w/lock (48”x 26”x64”)– currently used to store lawn/garden supplies
    4 PC fans for intake/exhaust – I will need a good can fan/carbon scrubber for the large cabinet later in the flowering process.
    Ordered 9/20, tracking says they got to NY yesterday :hello: – 3 Barney's Farm amnesia lemon feminized, 3 G13 Skunk #1 feminized, 1 UFO Sour Cream feminized, 1 UFO LA Woman feminized

    Once they arrive, I'll germinate 3 and veg them for a few weeks. Once they get bigger I'll transplant them eventually into 5 gal buckets. Flowering will be in the large cabinet with the 400wHPS.

    I will be using soil unless someone can convince me that 3 bubble buckets would be easier. I'm trying to go as low maintenance as possible.

    I'll keep everyone updated as things progress. Thanks for reading.

    - Jed
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    Got the package from Attitude Seed Bank, only took 9 days. :hello:

    Decided to only germ. 2 beans......skunk #1 fem, and amnesia lemon fem. I'll update soon once they get in the ground.

    Stay Classy GC,

  3. Higha Jed, Good Luck with your grow. I like the strains. :smoking:

    I like to grow in dirt too. Some people around here are trying to convince me to do hydro. I still haven't made up my mind yet. Decisions, I'm not very good at making them. But once I do, look out!

    See you around the city! :wave:
  4. Changed my mind again and germed 3. I will have enough room for 3 full grown plants, so I said fuck it. 2 Barney's Farm amnesia lemon, 1 Skunk #1. All seeds popped and I put them in the ground this afternoon.

    I also decided that the TV cabinet I modified was going to be a big pain in the ass. I made a quick trip to the store and got one more rubbermaid container (2 total). I mounted 4 computer fans (2 in the top, 2 in bottom) that I got brand new for $9 off ebay.

    Everything looks better now. I am trying to figure out the light situation because now I can only fit 6 CFL's in the space. I'm not really worried because I'll be switching them to a large cabinet and a 400w HPS as soon as I get paid. I'm sure they'll love that extra juice and room to grow.

    Stay classy blades,

  5. Here are a few photos of the rubbermaid setup. They are 30 gal containers made of recycled plastic, which happens to be light proof, and cost about $8 at Home Depot.

    Inside contents:
    2 Barney's Farm Lemon Amnesia, 1 G13 Skunk #1 (all germed, none have broken the soil after 1 day)
    7, 23w CFLs, 6500K
    desk fan near the intake
    2 pc fans for intake
    2 pc fans for exhaust

    Also, the day I put them in to germinate I saw this rainbow after work. Is it a sign from above? Probably not, but it was cool anyway.:)


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  6. Just checked and two broke the surface. It has been about 36 hours since I put them in soil.

    Here are some close-ups. The Skunk (aka Pepe le Pew) is in the lead as of day 1.5. :cool:

    There is also a pic of the inside of the box. You'll notice the PC fan intakes on the right and the other fan sucking in. It works pretty good for my limited skill set. I also need to get the cups closer to the lights.

    I'm just pumped that I haven't killed them yet. :hello:

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  7. Well, the last one showed herself today. All 3 are now above the ground, but barely. I didn't realize I would be this excited over something so small. :hello:

    I have heard mixed things on SUPERthrive, but it is supposed to be light enough to put on seedlings. I got a small bottle of it and mixed a drop in a gallon of water. Then, I filled my sprayer with the water and gave them just enough to wet the soil.

    I'll let you know their progress. Thanks for reading.:wave:

  8. Looking good bro! Subscribing to this one!

    What do your temps inside the rubbermaids look like?
  9. Ah, not sure. It is in a room that is 72 degrees all the time. The fans seem to keep it a few degrees above that, maybe 78-80. You can actually feel the air being pulled in when you take off the lid and stick your head inside.

    I ordered a digital themo/hygro with huge digital numbers off ebay for $6. It has been 10 days, so I am anxiously waiting. I know from reading that temperature and humidity are crucial.
  10. Paycheck hit the bank account last night, so I bought my light today.:D

    Paid cash, 400w HPS/MH, with cooling reflector. Also picked up a timer today from a local hardware store.

    The baby girls are relaxing in the sun. Pepe le Pew has 4 small leaves now. The others are just about to get their first set. They're probably .5 inch tall.

    Ok, couple questions for the experienced GC grow team:

    My flowering cabinet will hold 3, 5 gal buckets and is 26x28x63. It is in my garage that ranges from a low of 60 degrees now to a low of 40 degrees in 3 months.

    1.) Is this too cold for flowering? It would be fairly warm during the light cycle, but colder during the dark. I could have the light on during the night to bring up temps a bit.

    2.) What size fan would be sufficient to cool the light and then go through a carbon scrubber? I own my home, but I still want to keep it as normal smelling as possible. Although I love the stench.:cool:

    I appreciate any ideas or thoughts.

  11. Thermometer came today. I checked the temps, it was at 55 humidity and 82 degrees. Not terrible, but I gotta get it lower than that.

    I'm going to try another fan (5 total) added to the 4 pc fans, and small desk fan inside.

    I guess CFL's do get hotter than you'd expect.
  12. Hello GC. It is day 9 since they were put in the ground and the ladies are doing good. All 3 are around two inches tall and starting to form their second set of leaves. The skunk 1 was in the lead at first, but the lemon has really taken off. I just got back from a two-night vacation and could really see the growth when I returned this morning.

    I'll update with pics as soon as my laptop stops being a douche. Peace.

  13. Finally got the pics to work. These were all taken about 10 mins ago. Temps are a steady 76 degrees, humidity is at 55 percent.

    The first two pics are A.L. 2. It is the healthiest and fastest growing so far.

    The third pic is skunk#1 aka pepe le pew.

    The fourth is a pic of A.L. 1, which struggled to sprout and shake the seed, but seems to have picked up a lot in the past two days.

    Thanks for reading!


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  14. Loving it, Jed. Subscribed and some +rep to ya! :bongin:
  15. I just got the large cab set up with the help of a contractor friend/fellow grower. The light is a 400w with a MH conversion bulb for now. I have a HPS bulb for flowering when the time is right. The exhaust is a duct fan that I got for $35 at a hardware store. It is 500 cfm and seems to pull nicely.

    Closed the cab for an 1.5 hours and there is a pic of the thermo reading. It's just about perfect and I hope it stays that way.

    The other pics are of the ladies. I just know they are going to love that light and the new space. :D

    Thanks for reading GC.

    - Jed

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  16. Higha Jed, your plants look really good so far.
    Nice choice of lighting. Just keep the temps up and steady when it gets colder. Good Luck to you. :)
  17. Thanks for checking in Buzz.

    Last night the light was on for 10 hours and it got to 81 degrees inside with 55% humidity. I can already tell a difference in the plants though. That 400w is going to make them grow much faster.

    I will have to watch those dark temps once the winter gets here, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. :D

  18. Today is day 15. Two of the plants are about 4 inches and the largest one is about 6 inches.

    I transplanted them today into small buckets. I think they are two-quart paint buckets.

    Here are a couple of pics.


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  19. primus?

    i checked them out a few days ago...theyre growing up so fast..sigh.
  20. Your kids are looking great Jed! :hello: Thanks for dropping by by my journal too!

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