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Listen to Music while sleeping?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kali Trek, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Quick ? I was wondering how many of you guys listen to music before or during sleep? If so what kind of music?

    \\//_ Live Long & Prosper
  2. i sleep to revolution 9 sometimes
  3. I don't like too listen to music or tv while sleeping,
    it interrupts rem sleep.
  4. yes i do. techno or chill music like sublime. time moves so slow when lying down with music its fucking crazy
  5. binaural beats if anything

    i like my lucid dreams
  6. When my insomia is kicking in I would put on some pink floyd. Especially stairway to heaven. puts me to sleep. Meatloaf also puts me to sleep because I find it creepy sounding and it puts me to sleep as well.
  7. always! I'v woken up in full in panic mode due to listening to godspeed you! black emperor, and I'v woken up in full "am I still dreaming" mode from listening to olivia tremor control. mmmmmm, music while dreaming is great.
  8. tried listening to music before.. keeps waking me up lol
  9. I have to put in music before I sleep otherwise I can't stop thinking about things.
    Just mellow music that I know really well.
  10. Yes, I listen to music to get to sleep, or at least to keep me catalyzed when I'm unable to sleep. Oh, and I listen to Death Metal. Started when I was 11 with a Metallica cassette and a walkman as the only things to keep me company in the sleepless night
  11. Yeah that is pretty much my favorite thing to do is to listen to music while I fall asleep.

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