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listen to me people

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by leosmoke42087, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. alright alot of people didnt go with what i had to say ok one this need alot more planing i was just giving the idea
    ive been smoken for about 12 years now i know if we all got togeather we could legalize it we need a leader a person who know how to fight the system and get in to the cracks all we need to do is save seeds all of u and on the same day go plant the thats every bud smoker in the U.S.

    ps to the guy who asked if i was in the netherlands and why i am trying to legalize in the U.S its because it should be legal everywere boes anyone notice how beautiful there pipe or bong or bubbler or steamroller is how about the crystals and hairs on your bud i cam across yellow like bright yellow buds with green hairs about a week ago i was flipin
  2. NORML is the leader in the US helping in changing the laws!!!!!!!

    Go to
  3. So your strating a group to try to legalize it, or plant a bunch of weed along public places or something as a protest? Hell yes! Count me in! My email is My AIM screen name is buminburbank I will also check this forum page every once in a while
  5. holly shit i didnt know anybody from near me was on this site. Im in burbank california man. email me or contact me on AIM. Im going to be out of town until Monday July 26th, so I wont check my email until then. And yes, Burbank is infested with Armos lol

    PS: I noticed in another post you said your dealer has pounds of weed in his apartment. My dealer moved away a few weeks ago, and im in need of a new one. I am growing my own plants, but they arnt ready to harvest yet. Plus I want more then one kind of weed.
  6. hey DIPLOMAT I sent you a private message with my cell phone number
  7. ah.. poor mislead pot heads.. thinkin they can make a difference.. or it's the fuzz maybe. or maybe it's the fuzz baiting the fuzz... hm. :D
  8. lol Oh my god man you even talk like MeatWod you own man ... ATHF Owns you All! Oh yea um ill try n grow for my self so that still counts right?
  9. this is a conspiracy...

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