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listen to dreams?

Discussion in 'General' started by Little Wing, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. I'm not going to go into specifics or anything because its my personal dream. but I had a dream that sort of contradicts what I've had planned, and for some reason it feels right?

    Is this just bullshit my mind came up with in deep sleep, or might it actually be something to concider? I usually don't dream as clearly or as long as this one. It carried many strange messages...

    Maybe my subconcious mind wanted to tell me something.

    It was also strange because I slept for 13 hours... usually I never sleep more then 12...

    Well it's had me baffled all morning (err, afternoon), thought maybe someone else has had one of these?
  2. If there's something that you feel you can learn from your dreams, and use it to your benefit then that's all good.

    My dreams, on the other hand, are totally random, and far too bizarre to have any possible meaning.........
  3. the dream was that speicifc to your actual reality? Im trying to understand what you mean..like you have this plan of action for yourself for what you want to do..but you had this dream and it wasnt what you had planned, in fact it was something you wouldnt think of doing? and you say it felt right? Ive been so into dreams lately, trying to remember them, interpret them, see how they reflect or may reflect my life..dreams can mean anything..what stinks about most of the books ive read interpret only actual objects, not ideas or situations...maybe your subconscious jst is exploring the options you may be dismissing so quickly? if you want to get into specifics id wouldnt mind hearing..but let me know if i got the gist right..
  4. Actually, thats how it was sensimil. the reason I didn't write anything specific is that the specifics arn't that improtant to write, and it was a long dream, and I am lazy, and it just wouldn't make a difference.

    Anyway lets just say I've sort of thought out my future a bit, and feel I had a general idea of what I'd like things to be like, and then all a sudden out of no where I have a dream that puts me in a completely different situation that just feels right...

    It was totally bizarre <grin>

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