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  1. i'm not sure where else to put this, so i'm dropping it here. feel free to flag it if you can think of a better place to put it.

    Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on

    you can choose any state (some other countries) then down to the county, and listen in on LIVE police transmissions! my home country is extremely boring, but LA is always busy! just thought i'd share it.
  2. I had an app on my iPhone that did this. Can be fun.
  3. someone got blasted 3 streets over apparently. :O
  4. Yeah Ive got an old school police scanner. They are pretty fun
  5. All quiet on the eastern front.
  6. holy shit is this real?

    and if so how the hell do i work this thing? i need an account or what?
  7. well ill be damned......this shit is real

    fuck i need to smoke a blunt now...aha
  8. are they pre recorded?
  9. this is cool! thanks for tha link :wave:
  10. no they're live
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    Mostly live, but there is a bit of a delay with these online streams.

    Nothing will ever beat getting yourself your own scanner.


    Fire/EMS is my favorite station to listen to as far as these sites go, but with an actual scanner I tune into the American Medical Response channels (Private ambulance company that covers most EMS in Colorado Springs) and hear the really interesting calls.

    Damn, there was a TA "Vehicle VS. Tree" about two minutes down my block towards the base just a second ago. I'm staying tuned to this one. They're having a 'little difficulty' finding the car involved, apparently.

  12. oh I have a bad feeling about this one....
  13. I don't know about this haha I'm not going to try that.
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    Wow this is awesome. People are getting shot!

    Could you use this to your advantage? Like for example a dealer hears them on the radio about to raid his house and he gets the hell out of there?
  15. when police are talking about stuff like that they use private channels.

  16. I was listening to a police channel the other day and they were raiding a house. but I live in redneck paradise, Wyoming...
  17. Live streams :)

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