List one random lie about you.

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. It's like the "random fact about you" thread but with much more comical possibility.

    I use my 34inch long hair to wash my body and wipe my ass.
  2. i am the lead singer of Primus, and i think there are TOO MANY PUPPIES
  3. I dont have a drug problem.
    Im not obsessed with this fucking internet shit.
  4. I've never robbed a liquor store, and I don't like beets.
  5. i do not kill babies

  6. haha I bet you don't eat them either :p
  7. I like how I get more likes than rep
  8. i dont have a boner, with a craving for weed while im not sitting in class right now
  9. I've never met anyone from GC.

  10. Math is so fucking ghey. My life would be better without all these 1's and 0's
  11. EDIT(that might offend) I hate fishing. And ii have a shaved head.
  12. [quote name='"Simplyblunted"']Math is so fucking ghey. My life would be better without all these 1's and 0's[/quote]

  13. I have a small weiner
  14. i graduated valedictorian and i'm taking a few years off before attending yale in the fall.
  15. Im not touching my dick right now, it's not a habit while browsing the internet.

  16. I am not Batman.
  17. I have the Perfect 10 body and men toss HUGE rolled Blunts at my feet daily trying to entice me just to smoke w em ;0)
  18. I wrote the Harry Potter series.
  19. I'm not the creator electronic music and pornhub.
  20. I fucked your MOM

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