List of things for big case pc grow. Thoughts?

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    This is my first grow, EVER, and it's gonna take a fuckload of time to assemble all this. I'm super noob and I hope I don't take a bigger burden than I can manage, because I got shit for tools, but I'm willing to learn by trial and error and finally get my own PC grow going on. :hello:

    Here is what I have thought of ordering. Do you have any thoughts?

    Chieftec Mesh Series CA-01B-B-SL (27" tall cabinet)
    200 watt blue spectrum 6400k
    200 watt red spectrum 2700k

    Small Wing Reflector, E40

    Dieselryder seeds from Altitude Seeds

    = 452$. Thoughts? Budget is 570 USD

    Expensive as fuck, but thats the prices you have to deal with if you're from Denmark.:(

    EDIT: This doesn't include tools, which I need such as mylar, glue gun, dremler, gaffa tape, etc. Importing fees and shipping costs (cabinet is free shipping however). Would run up to 60$ extra prob
  2. For the price of that cfl system you could get a 70-150w HPS system depending on how well your case vents the air. But based on the sheer size of that case, it must have 4+ fans so you could definitely pull it off. Not to mention the HPS bulb would do amazing things to your yield
  3. yeah 27" is a monster PC i couldn't even call it a PC lol :p you will grow some fine plants in there, but its half your bill. See if you can find any cheaper cases that will satisfy your height requirements. For a PC grow 21" would do it for me, but I plan to grow only single plants at a time.

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