List of shops that sell fake RooRs!!!!!!!

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    Read the thread linked below and if you go to a head shop and see a fake roor come here and post the name and location of the shop.

    And if you can snap a pic because visual evidence is the best proof.

    (Pic from internet)
    Notice how this fake has four ice pinches instead of three like real roors

    DISCLAIMER!!! I do not know if these shops sell knockoff roors this is information collected from the grasscity community and internet.
  2. Do shops know they sell fake RooRs or are they being tricked too? I'm assuming they would be smart enough to know, but I guess I'm not sure.
  3. I'm sure some shops might not know.But I know for a fact some lie and say they are legit roors when they know there not.
  4. What dicks! I agree we should have a list on here so folks know not to give them any of their business.

    Excellent idea.

  5. Well shit which ones??

    Post em in the thread!!
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    (info form internet)

    Yucky's Tobacco Emporium
    Miami Florida

    The Dungeon
    Chico California

    Modern Age
    Gainsville Florida

    E lab smokers boutique
    Rochester New York

  7. I'm not saying don't buy from them completely just don't buy fake roors.

  8. Thank you
  9. Gotham Glass of Huntington sellin some really fake ass lookin Roor's
  10. jimmys smoke shop
    129 N Main St Rochester, NH 03867
    100% fake

  11. Either way i wouldn't want to shop at that store. Because neither ignorance nor incompetence are good excuses for a business to sell fakes...
  12. Happy Dayz
    Peterborough, Ontario

    Intergalactic Trading Company
    Peterborough, Ontario
  13. A1 Smoke Shop
    Lake Forest,CA

    Purple Haze
    Newport Beach,CA
  14. Purple haze actually does have real US roors.
  15. oh my bad havent been there in awhile. usually only had phires and other china glass.
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    Were not talking about phires
  17. Purple Haze
    Chatsworth, CA
  18. Sam's Smokes
    Seattle, wa
  19. sorry my bad bro

  20. Its all good

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