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List of SF Dispensaries (no card required)?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ohhellosteve, Jul 2, 2009.

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    Just wanted to know which dispensaries in San Francisco don't require a mmj card but can allow you in with just a doctor's recommendation. I know that about half of all dispensaries do this, but it would be nice having a full list.

    So far, I've got:

    -Alternative Patients Co Op
    -Green Door
    -Green Cross
    -Grass Roots
    -Divinity Tree

    Thanks for helping out!

    (I'll try updating when I can) :)
  2. To my knowledge, in Cali, any dispensary should accept your doctor's recommendation, as long as the doctor's office can be gotten hold of to verify your patient status.

    The whole club verification card is merely a convenience. If a club turns you away for only having a doctor's recommendation, I would take up that issue with Americans for Safe Access to find out more about the actual legality of a dispensary demanding you have a club verification card.

    Your doctor's recommendation is your legal document, over that of club verification cards.
  3. I've never been denied entry to a dispensary and I only have a doctor's recomendation.
  4. grass roots divintry tree will take a doc rec
  5. I've always been told that recommendations should be enough, but I always get confused looking through websites that say an actual card is required (when in fact they are not).

    Thanks for the help guys!
  6. every club allows u to go in with just a recommendation however some clubs require u to have the official ocbc card or pay like a membership fee to get in but the amount is very low
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    The city made love shack close its doors for a while to people that didnt have a state issued id card or medi card. Given LoveShacks location in the more residential part of 14th street, patients where double parking infront of peoples driveways blocking them in etc. So if you go to loveshack DO NOT DOUBLE PARK!!!! Its completely worth it, recently they started to let people with dr.s rec come in to give it a try (I witnessed it myself haha). Even tho they have a small menu (2 top grades and about 6 mid grade), its cheap and very very good stuff. I use to go to grass roots and d tree but now i just go to love shack bc easy to find parking, they never rush u, they are very nice, and have the best quality products. I have a very high tolerance, but their vegan cookies are soooo insane bc they mix the thc in with oil not butter.... so ya, and their gold dust honey oil is insane.... they freezed it in liquid nitrogen so its not an oil until u lit up ur wand and mix it.

    Their romulan or og kush is ........ insane!!! if their og kush doesn't look appealing then ask to see the romulan, or vice versa I'm sure you will walk away happy.

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