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  1. There have been a lot of questions posted about Australian Seed Banks, and lots of threads with sites supplied. But the problem is a lot of them are now out of date and there seems to be a pattern of the sites that are vigilant and don't shut down/stop shipping to Australia.

    Below is a small list of Seed Banks that ship to Australia. I've heard especially complimenting things about weed-seeds. Orderd some Feminised Auto Haze from them yesterday myself, actually.

    You'll find that each seed bank has different types of seeds, some don't have autos, some dont have feminised, some have them all. But the greatest different you see are in the prices. Make sure you read up on the site before purchasing seeds.

    I will be adding sites to the list as they pop up or are suggested to me, and taking sites off that no longer ship to Aus or are permanently down.

    Weed Seeds - Buy Marijuana Seeds Online from Weed Seeds
    Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices
    Highgrade Seeds - Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds Online

    And also, there is an Australian Seed Bank that is "coming soon". It was operational about 2 months ago, and was shut down quite promptly. But this is the vision of a couple men in Australia.

    Coming soon
  2. I know that it's illegal in NZ, i am not sure about OZ. Is there Seedbank who ship from Australia... Anyway, like i already posted Paddy is shipping to Oz.
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  4. Okok Im gonna ask a dumb question.... why not Feminised???
  5. Many growers, back then and now still see femmed seeds as GMO seeds

    thread is 7 years old!, ....good to see you made 18yo?
  6. Thanks for replying Vostok ........bahahah im a late starter yeah>???? an Im old lolol...... an obviously very behind on all this stuff.... so why are gmo"s no good??? do u think messing with th genetics makes the strain less good??? thanks for ur help.....
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  7. Nature is but a system of checks and balances, some my call this extreme others would call it evolution, when you mess with check and balances things tend to get spilt, broken even ruined
    I'm 100% organic tho I do use plastic pots,

    I'm currently femmed my own seeds for the first time using CS
    a simple method of reducing the flower from producing ethylene gas that prevent males seeds from forming, by spraying the flowers pistiles with silver water solution

    you all but need a 9v battery and 1 silver dollar and distilled water

    google for me

    good luck
  8. wow.... that is so interesting...... wish u cood come help me hahahaha.. im an outsider..... no chems... bit fertiliser they do th rest...... beautiful plants to grow an watch develop an even better when its time to taste.....
    I will google it an mite give it a go......
    Thanks for ur time Vostok..... I appreciate it...... ur a true O.G. - helpful and knowledgeable.....
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  9. Absolutely avoid all sites like that, they are aggregators and are not a real seedbank.
    Note also that customs in Australia uses a seed xray machine at all ports of entry and that you are playing russian roulette importing seeds into Australia. Do not risk your money and freedom.

    This thread has good domestic sources of seeds within Australia of which I have experience with and caveman seeds. Why wait months for seeds that never arrive, just buy domestically and save yourself a lot of heartache. A lot of the domestic suppliers on this list have good writeups on many forums.

    Australia - Domestic Seed Sources (no customs)

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