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List of places that don't drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by soserious, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. For all you stoners who need jobs.

    Ill add a few. You guys add more.

    Taco bell

    Pizza hut



    I know for a fact none of those plAces test. I work for taco bell and they own all of those companies. Says right in the handbook that they don't give a fuck if ou do drugs. Just don't bring it to work. Don't make it obvious. And don't let it effect your work.

    Also Safeway does saliva tests. Those are easy to pass.
  2. I got a job at Burger King about two weeks ago.

    nuff said
  3. KFC?

    Drug test?

  4. This is depressing to look at. Just quit for a while to get a decent job. It's worth it, you'll be able to afford a larger amount of premium bud.

  5. This, most jobs that don't drug test aren't as good as the ones that do..at least you'll have a bigger selection.
  6. [quote name='"ganjaherbtoker"']This is depressing to look at. Just quit for a while to get a decent job. It's worth it, you'll be able to afford a larger amount of premium bud.[/quote]

    This. Seriously ^^^^^ this.

    Quit get a good job learn a good trade not flipping burgers....err filling tacos, once you have a skill find a company that doesn't test. Its worth it, trust me.
  7. These people are right. If I had the discipline to quit smoking, I'd have a much better job right now, which would pay more.

    But we all have problems.

  8. Dude I've been there (with other unmentionables) don't worry about it:smoke:
  9. This isn't for people who can't stop smoking. I've stopped smoking already in hopes of getting a job at champs. This is just so you will know f you have to quit or not.
  10. I'm not. :wave:

    I've got good things going for me, and working a shitty job at Burger King will only be used as a stepping stone for another job, both as work experience, and as discipline.

    Positive vibes, I'm only 18:smoke:

  11. Absolultely man! Perfect way of looking at it, always find the positive in situations like that. Plus it's better than no job. I'm still young too and working in fast food is tough. Good luck:wave:
  12. Im assuming that most of the people looking at this list are 17-20 looking for a job to make some cash while they go to school, not as a career. For alot of us these are the only options open.

    Also staples doesnt drug test
  13. I've had decent jobs and shitty ones.

    None have drug tested.
  14. I feel this is very true.
  15. #16 Pale Blue Dot, Jul 1, 2012
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    waiters / pizza delivery / bar tend

    Make a killin'
  16. I bus tables and make like 15$ (on average) an hour and get a free meal every shift.. So every 6 hours I come outta there with 90$ cash it's awesome and they never drug test
  17. I don't want to work for anyone that wants my bodily fluids. At least give them fake pee. Resist tyranny!
  18. Canadian tire never tested me.
  19. Shit I need a job.

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