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List of Part Time Jobs that don't Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PriMo XVII, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. If you have ever worked a job, or know of any jobs your friends have worked where the employer does not drug test, post it here. Yeah, I know about all those sites, but it varies by state and they don't have a lot of smaller jobs or jobs with companies that are only in certain states.

    Jamba Juices in Texas do NOT drug test. I used to work at one and every single employee smoked. We even used to smoke in the walk in freezer.

    ***I am not sure about Jamba Juice Corporate stores. All the ones in Texas are owned by "Alameda Juice".

    I'm also wanting to know if Buffalo Wild Wings drug tests. I am wanting to apply at one in Texas.

    Post what you know.
  2. Pretty sure that most Food industry jobs don't,that's just an assumption though.
  3. most retail stores dont test. i work at abercrombie and fitch and i sell weed to my managers and smoke with them after work
  4. mcdonalds
    i love that place
    managers give me weed all the time :p
  5. Mcdonalds does and additional drug test from what I hear. But after that they dont drug test.
  6. ups doesnt drug test and they pay well , just dont hurt your self cuz they will dt and they will fire u but ive been there a year i get 20 to 25 hours weekly and i get paid 11 an hour, they drug test the drivers though

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