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List of Best Stoner Movies

Discussion in 'Movies' started by chunchi, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I've been looking for a list of the best stoner films out there and this is what I got so far...
    I created this list because I had a hard time finding every stoner movie out there.... so I took it upon myself to create a list of movies stoners like to watch when they were high... I named it List of Best Stoner Movies so that it would be one of the first things that popped up if someone decided to do some searching on google for some sort of list of good stoner movies.... so please enjoy and comment if you have any movie that I might have forgot to mention...
    How High
    Super High Me
    Half Baked
    Idle Hands
    Alice In Wonderland
    Puff, Puff, Pass
    Run Ronnie Run
    Reefer Madness
    Reefer Madness 2005 (the musical)
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Saving Grace
    Evil Bong
    Still Waiting
    Party Animal
    Rolling Kansas
    Easy Rider
    Friday after Next
    Next Friday
    Grass: the History of Marijuana
    Cheech and Chongs Up in Smoke
    Far Out Man
    Sex Pot
    Dazed and Confused
    The Stoned Age
    The Big Labowski
    Dead Man On Campus
    Blowin' Smoke
    Outside Providence
    Detroit Rock City
    The Beach
    Roadtrip 2: beerfest
    Euro Trip
    Coming to America
    Dude Wheres My Car
    World's Greatest Dad
    Knocked Up
    I Love You Man
    Ali G Indahouse
    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    Once Bitten
    Clerks 2
    Super Troopers
    Land of the Lost
    The Hangover
    This is Spinal Tap
    Without a Paddle
    Batman Begins
    Grandma's Boy
    A Bug and a Bag of Weed
    Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
    Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
    Rat Race
    Smiley Face
    Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
    Pineapple Express
    The Beautiful Ordinary
    Monty Pythons the Meaning of Life
    Caveman 1981
    The Birdcage
    Sweeney Todd
    Hurley Burley
    A Shot in the Face
    City of Lost Chilren
    Strange Wilderness
    Apocalypse Now
    Being John Malkovich
    The Tripper
    The Wackness
    Humboldt County
    Van Wilder: Freshman Year
    National Lampoons Van Wilder
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    The Rocker
    Monty Pythons Life of Brian
    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    Weeds on Showtime
    Pot Zombies
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Brighton Wok the Legend of Ganja Boxing
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Passion of the Reefer
    Paid in Full
    Friday the 13th 2009
    A/K/A Tommy Chong
    Class of Nuke ‘em High
    Alpha Dog
    Training Day
    Don't be a Menace
    Miami vice
    Walk Hard the Dewey Cox Story
    Bio Dome
    Last House on the Left
    Tommy Boy
    Raising Arizona
    Some Like it Hot
    The Breakfast Club
    The Magic Weed
    Annie Hall
    Jackie Brown
    History of the World part 1
    Fritz the Cat
    National Lampoons Electric Apricot
    The Karate Kid
    Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary
    Reno 911: Miami
    The Sasquatch Gang
    Hi De Ho
    Marijuana 1950
    High School Confidential 1957
    Help! 1965
    I Love You, Alice B. Tolkas 1968
    The Harder They Come 1972
    Rockers 1978
    That Was Then... This Is Now 1984
    1969: 1988
    Freaks Talk about Sex 1999
    Human Traffic 1999
    Cash Crop 2001
    Killer Bud
    The Wash 2001
    High Times' Potluck
    Diggers 2006
    Remember the Daze 2008
    Surfer Dude 2008
    Grass Roots 2009
    4/20 2009
    Kid Cannabis 2009
    Wedding Crashers
    Chasing Papi
    40 Year Old Virgin
    The Devils Rejects
    Freddy Got Fingered
    Wet Hot American Summer
    True Romance
    Black Sheep
    True believer
    Desperately Seeking Susan
    16 Candles
    Steppin' Razor
    Cape Fear
    Shaw Shank Redemption
    Hamlet 2
    Yellow Submarine
    Forest Gump
    Moving McAllister
    Be Kind Rewind
    Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas
    Charlie Bartlett
    Requiem for a Dream
    Pulp Fiction
    The Labyrinth
    Donnie Darko
    Bum Fights
    Darko S.
    Blade Runner
    Rubin & Ed
    Wizard of Oz
    Blazing Saddles
    Young Frankenstein
    Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
    Bill and Teds Bogus Adventure
    Death to Smootchie
    Shaun of the Dead
    Hot Fuzz
    Space Odyssey: 2001
    Buckaroo Bonsai
    Vampyros Lesbos
    Midnight Madness
    The Cell
    Pink Flamingos
    Blue Velvet
    Andrei Rublev
    The Mirror
    El Topo
    Holy Mountain
    Twilight and the Ice Nymphs
    Eyes Wide Shut
    The Fountain
    From Dusk Til Dawn
    Event Horizon
    Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie
    Altered States
    Barton Fink
    The Spirit
    Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter
    Spirited Away
    The Monkee's Head
    Fantastic Planet
    12 Monkies
    The Dark Crystal
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Chopping Mall
    The Hidden Fortress
    Second Hand Lions
    Bronco Billy
    Murphy's Romance
    The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
    Now Voyager
    The Third Man
    The Man With Two Brains
    Local Hero
    Gates of Heaven
    Kiss Me Deadly
    Pootie Tang
    Raising Cain
    The Ninth Gate
    River and Tides
    Repo Man
    Office Space
    The Wall
    Cannonball Run
    Garden State
    Scary Movie 2
    The Room
    In July (or Im Juli)
    Fight Club
    24 Nights 1999
    A Clockwork Orange 1971
    Adventures in Cannabis Hemp With Big D 2008
    Albert Nerenberg - Escape to Canada 2007
    Alive and Kicking 1997
    American Beauty 1999
    American Pie 1999
    American Pie Presents: Band Camp 2005
    American Pie Presents: Beta House 2007
    American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile 2006
    American Pie The Wedding 2003
    Anchorman 2004
    Angel Dusted 1981
    Assassin of Youth 1937
    Beautiful Ohio 2006
    Beerfest 2006
    Berkeley 2007
    Bite Me! 2004
    Chasing Amy 1997
    Cheech & Chongs' After Hours 1985
    Cheech & Chongs' Get out of My Room 1985
    Cheech & Chongs' It Came From Hollywood 1982
    Cheech & Chongs' Next Movie 1980
    Cheech & Chongs' Nice Dreams 1981
    Cheech & Chongs' Still Smokin' 1983
    Cheech & Chongs' The Corsican Brothers 1984
    Cheech & Chongs' Things are Tough All Over 1982
    Cheech & Chongs' Yellowbeard 1983
    Cool Runnings 1993
    Dish Dogs 2000
    Dogma 1999
    Emperor of Hemp 1999
    Fat Pizza 2003
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986
    Fifth Element 1997
    Ganja Queen 2007
    Ganjasaurus Rex 1987
    Gettin Da Munchies 2005
    Grandma's Boy 2006
    High Times Presents: The 20th Cannabis Cup 2008
    High Times Presents: The Cannabis Cup - World Champions of Marijuana 2003
    Hustle & Flow 2005
    Joint Adventure 1995
    Little Shop of Horrors 1986
    Marihuana 1936
    Meet The Fockers 2004
    Meet The Parents 2000
    Never Been Kissed 1999
    Old School 2003
    Outside Providence 1999
    Over The Edge 1979
    Pineapple Express 2008
    Pleasantville 1998
    Praise 1998
    Rollercoaster 1977
    School of Rock 2003
    Shrooms 2006
    Stepbrothers 2008
    Talladega Nights the Ballad of Rickie Bobby 2006
    Tank Girl 1995
    The Blues Brothers 1980
    The Dream Catcher 1999
    The Exorcist 1973
    The Family Stone 2005
    The Harder They Come 1972
    The Hemp Revolution 1995
    The Nature of Things: Reefer Madness II 1999
    The Rage in Placid Lake 2003
    These Girls 2005
    Thirteen 2003
    Wild Weed 1949
    Withnail and I 1987
    Taking Woodstock
    Woodstock 1970
    Ms. March
    The Last Dragon
    The Neverending Story
    The Onion Movie
    Tropic Thunder
    Fat Pizza
    Kentucky Fried Movie
    Severance High
    Wake Up Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie
    Starter For 10
    Marijuana: It's Time for a Conversation
    HIGH: The true tale of American Marijuana
    In Pot We Trust
    The Truth about Marijuana / Anti-Marijuana Educational Video
    Cannabis: Cooking With Marijuana
    The Marijuana Conspiracy
    Raising Marijuana
    Sacred Weeds Salvia Divinorum
    Woodstock: 3 Days of Love Peace and Music
    Woodstock: The Lost Performances
    Hemp for Victory
    Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
    The Science of Sleep
    Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story
    Next Day Air
    the Union: The Business Behind Getting High
    Planet Earth
    The Thing
    Death Proof
    The Lost Boys
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    Physho II
    I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Day of the Dead
    Jason X
    Toxic Zombies
    I Was a Teenage Zombie
    New Year's Evil
    Cabin Fever
    The Manson Family
    Session 9
    Land of the Dead
    Halloween 2
    Tower of Evil
    Redsin Tower
    He Knows Your Alone
    Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
    Return of the Living Dead
    Campfire Tales
    The Deathmaster
    Last House On The Left
    Harvest 2008
    Middle of Nowhere 2008
    Explicit Ills 2008
    I got Five On It
    I got Five On It Too 2008
    Growing Op 2008
    Swing Vote
    Love, Blood, Kryptonite 2008
    Freebird 2008
    Stone & Ed 2008
    Kottonmouth Kings: 10 Years Deep
    Kottonmouth Kings: Endless Highway
    Car Wash
    Time Bandits
    Killer Weed
    Killer Weed 2
    Meat Weed Madness
    A Scanner Darkly
    Everything's Gone Green
    Across the Universe
    My Mom Smokes Weed
    High Society: A Pot Boiler
    Starsky & hutch
    Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way
    Evil Bong 2: King Bong
    Grandpa's Marijuana Handbook: The Movie
    Marihouana, stop!
    Marijuana Inc: Inside America's Pot Industry
    Pieces of April
    Cannabis 2006
    Baks 1974
    The Kind City
    Marijuana Assassin of Youth
    Marijuana the Devils Weed
    She Should Have Had No
    The Burning Question
    Fun with Dick and Jane
    The Signal
    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
    Mary and Max
    Lord of the Rings (all)
    American Psycho
    Apocalypse Now
    Bank Job
    Buffalo Soldiers
    Full Metal Jacket
    Green Street Hooligans
    In Bruges
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Layer Cake
    Reservoir Dogs
    Southland Tales
    The Fifth Element
    The Warriors
    Wassup Rockers
    Time Will Tell
    Stone Bros.
    Leaves of Grass
    How Weed Won the West
    Cheech & Chongs' Hey Watch This
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  2. Jesus christ man, thats alot of fuqen movies.

  3. Requiem for a Dream definitely should not be on there... God that movie is f*cked up. Not something I want to watch while high.

    Great movie but so depressing I will never allow myself to watch it again.
  4. Holy shit, you know your movies don't you lol
  5. alot of that shit isnt really stoner movies
  6. Yeah some of them aren't actual stoner movies, but some are just cool to watch while stoned.... if there are some that you think aren't fun or trippy to watch stoned tell me which ones please...
  7. if you read your replys you might find out
  8. So far the only thing said that's not really a stoner movie would be requiem for a dream, which I've decided to keep because of the trippyness....
  9. No one wants to watch Last House on the Left (I assume this is the original, not the remake which I haven't seen) high. Talk about a total fucking buzzkill.
  10. I am guessing this is a list of all the movies you and perhaps some of your friends like while your high? I assume this because some of those movies just don't really fit the stoner stereotype like Batman Begins and Alpha Dog just to name two... However, kudos for typing out this long list. There are a lot of good films in there.
  11. Yeh man glad you got KiDULTHOOD man, AdULTHOOD is better, but both are amazing man for the movie just as much as its soundtrack..
    oh another british indie film about a crack dealer and his reformed best friend called SHIFTY, its good to watch high bro.
  12. damn dude thats a nice ass list! i've always been looking for something like this. thanks!
  13. should like to add hero with jet li, and casshern
  14. Pineapple express was lame.

  15. i watched it about 10 times sober.... it was awesome...

    then i watched it high... FUCKING MASTERPIECE.
  16. Pineapple Express had its moments, there are better stoner movies though.

    One thing I haven't done is watch a horror movie stoned. I think it would be super intense but only in a movie theater, at home it's just not the same. I've seen a couple previews for horrors at the theater while stoned and the good ones were intense.

  17. i watched a british horror film called Severance high, oh my god i literally almost shat myself and pulled a knife on my friend untill he gave me the tv remote i was shitting myself.... so yeah i saw it the other day on tv, sober, and it was a comedy-horror and it wasn't scary at all, it was actually really funny... i get so scared sometimes when im high.:p:cool:
  18. dude, your lame. and so are the dodgers! ....

    blaaaah, just playin'... 'cept for the dodgers part.
  19. I actually agree with you, someone suggessted this movie... I think I'll take it off...
  20. Yeah, I've been looking for a list like this too, and couldn't find any so I made my own...
    Every movie on here is not just pure stoner flicks, some are just good to watch high... I try to get movies that at least have weed in them... thanks for the comments...

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