List games you really want to see here!

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by smokehound, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I'll begin..

    Square VS Capcom! Not that dissidia nonsense, a REAL fighting game involving Final Fantasy, Brave Fencer Musashi, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger and Capcom characters! For the capcom side, Alot of fresh faces, Like Guardian Garr from Breath of Fire 3, Various Megaman Battle Network navis, and so many more..

    Instead of those lame Esper summons from Dissidia, ACTUAL summoned monsters, not a stupid card with a copy-pasta'd image!
  2. A 3d Pokemon mmorpg.
  3. A PlanetSide 2 scale Star Wars MMOFPS set shortly before KOTOR I.
  4. Pokemon RPG on console and a pirate game made by rockstar or Bethesda.
  5. haha... I've always thought those pokemon games could be so much more intricate. Would be cool a cool thing to see.

    I've always wanted something like Fallout with zombies-- in a more city-like environment too. Like Dead Island, but good.
  6. Star Wars Battlefront III
  7. battlefield 2142 re-make.

    one of my favorite FPS ever.

    although planetside 2 is extremely similar so im satisfied :3
  8. An open world crime game similar to GTA but more intense.

    Gang fights, robbing banks and stores, drug trafficking, etc.

    Not just missions, but all of this freely.

    Detroit MI in a game lol

    Fallout 4

    More horror games/survival.
  9. An updated CoD 3. Pretty much MW3 but WWII.

    Maybe not some super secret missions where you're like a 4 star general, but where you're doing various missions on the front lines as a regular soldier.
  10. Halo game set during the Prehistoric Human-Forerunner war
  11. GTA V. I can't wait to get stoned and start playing this presumably masterpiece of a game.
  12. An open world avatar: the last air bender game

    Oh yeah......
  13. GTA, but incorporating Google Earth. The entire Earth GTA style.
  14. A game that shows what the war is like now a days and you get to be on teams and do missions.
  15. sooo battlefield 3?

  16. Lol. Hook, line, and sinkerrrrrr. :smoke:

    But I'd like to see a first person RPG, open-world shooter in a massive city-like environment where any building in enterable.

    So pretty much mash Far Cry 3 with GTA and add the customizability of Saints Row 2 in there. All in first person.
  17. SSX 2 dammit

  18. I've thought about the exact same style of game since I was a kid basically. Would be epic.. One minute you could be sniping from the Eiffel Tower, the next minute you could be swimming in Loch Ness, or sky diving off Mount Everest. A stoner can dream...:smoking:

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