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  1. anyone try vyvanse before?

    i have never tried any amphetamine before and i know adderall is a mixture of l- and d- amphetamines and that vyvanse is purely d-amphetamine so its more euphoric since it works more effectively on the dopamine receptors but I don't know what to expect.

    erowid isn't too helpful to be honest, since its mainly filled with adderal reports but I would like to know specifically your vyvanse experiences
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    vyvanse is not pure dextro-amphetamine,its lisine, and dextroamphetamin a nutrtient,

    anywho itll last a long time, and its speedy, its adderall without the rush and it lasts longer,and feels pretty nice
  3. It's alright, doesn't really compare to adderall imo.
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    A nutrient, what? It's a prodrug which is essentially metabolized into pure d-amphetamine. Not mg per mg though.
  5. The forum has a search button for a reason.

    Lisdexamp is Adderall without the rush, without the major euphoria, it lasts a whole lot longer, and is used best for studying.
    If you're looking for a great amphetamine experience, I suggest against Vyvanse.
  6. wooow i was way fucked up when i wrote that haha

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