Liquor or Beer?

Discussion in 'General' started by stew12, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Age 15, I discover Jack daniels. My buddy would sell Sunny D bottles full of JD, for 5$, so me and my friends would chug a couple beind our highschool, almost daily during that year. Can you say Runon sentence? I know people who will only drink beer, and some will only drink liquor.

    Personally i adore liquor and beer, Jack Daniels and Heineken being my favourite brands to date. I'm always changing my mind, one week it'll be appleton, the next Beefeater and apple juice. Everyone's always talking about beer + dank nugs on this MB, curious to see what people drink.

    Are you a liquor guy, or a beer king?
  2. liquor than beer. nothin like a few brews after whatever you were sippin on eariler in the night

    note* i dont drink cheap liquor/beer no natty bull shit. patron/heines ftw
  3. I like both.

    natty bo's ftw

  4. Straight, I've got some 40's of Blue Ice 7.1% getting cold. That salt+ water+ice trick works wonders.
  5. National Bohemain?

    Ima beer guy if i have the choice.

    Alot of hard liqour drinkers jus get wrecked and pass out.

    I can rip beer all day long.

    But im not huge into 'beer'.

    I like malt liqour. My beers gotta have a kick and gotta be cheap.

  6. Yup.

    I despise light beers though, it's like drinking beer flavored water.
  7. I think its 4.6%.

    Its a rare beer so enjoy it, Ive never drank it.

    Can you get the 40's of it?

  8. No, But the distillery is near my area so its easy to buy cans.

    UTZ girl and natty bo
  9. I end up drinking the whole bottle of any liquor if i do drink it. I drink it so fast I forget everything from like 10pm and on.

    Beer for me.

  10. Ive never drank tequilla before. Like the only booze i havent lol, Jus never really wanted to.

    But i found some shit in the fridge i dont know whos it is, Obvioslly a females but its some tequilla mix and it has 15% and its like spicy tasting.

    That how tequilla is?

    I poured like a 8 oz glass haha so ima pound it but it aient great.
  11. I love beer....Liquor gets me too wrecked, too fast.
  12. There is no option for both. Though, I guess I prefer rye (whiskey) but I enjoy beer as well.
  13. Beers I like: Heineken, Becks, Red Stripe, Sammy Boston Lager, Guinness

    Hard stuff makes me beligerant some times, but I'm partial to Jameson.

    I'd still rather be stoned than drunk.
  14. with me it depends if im at a party i'll drink liquor thne beer but if its just me and my buds, i drink beer cause i like to try different beers and all that shit, Micro breweries are the shit let me tell you
  15. Beer

    heineken or guiness

    but im cheap so its always busch or natti ice
  16. BONG VODKA, Grey Goose, Great White, Heifeweizen, Stella Artois GOOD SHIT :)
  17. please tell me thats not vodka used as bong water then drank
  18. Me and Mr. Daniel go way back. . . for me theres nothin better than taking swigs right out of the bottle. My dream vacation is to visit the distillery and steal a couple of barrels of it.

    Although beer still good too, however, being in college i usually only get the nice cheap beers, such as naddy light or keystone light, and if i can find it some lionshead (PAer's know what im talking about)
  19. I'm all about drinking 6 to 8 beers during the night while throwing back a few shots here and there to kick my buzz in real nice. The only thing about drinking is that I have to have some green to light up after a night of drinking to get rid of my hang over.
  20. I really cut back once i started tokin

    and i really stopped doin liquor when i first went to college
    but i love sippin a beer while high, weed seems to influence the taste of beer more than any other food or drink

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