liquor or beer or smirnoff and such

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what u like better

  1. liquor

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  2. beer

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  3. smirnoff, bacardi silver, mikes hard lemon, ect.

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  4. i dont drink

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  1. what alchoholic beverage do you all prefer i'm for hard A
  2. Yeah shots are pretty cool but I like shots and beer together.
  3. i ALSO like white russians!! i like those Mikes hard lemonade, but cant drink alot of them...they're almost like wine coolers and make me kinda sick after a bunch of em

    Beer will get me fucked up quick, just drink it fast!! LOL

    i dont drink that rather be smoking :smoke:
  4. why is it that everyone who replys doesnt vote with exeption of xxjwxx
  5. LOL i didnt know i was actually supposed to click on that shit!!! :D
    sorry guys....obviously a stoned newbie here!!! :D
  6. There
    voted for Liquor!!!

  7. hard A 4life baby
  8. hmm... i'm not a big drinker at all. A BLUNT man you guys may know!

    But tequilla takes the show! It stays in my asian stomach!!
    As well some straight Vanilla Stolli vodka is not bad chased down with some coke! When it comes to beer, rickards red or pale takes the cake!

    regardless... smoking a blunt before any drinking session is key! as well a blunt afterwards to hit you off!
  9. uh how about beer & liquor. have a few beers, drink some tequila. have more beers, tequila. beer, tequila. its a simple concept.
  10. shots are fun but they make me puke my stomach up, and they dont give me as nice of a drunk as one 40 would do...

    Im votin for beer....get me a 40 ouncer, preferrably some Mickey's or MGD or Old E.
  11. i don't drink often but when i do its normaly vodka. I stick to the hard shit.
  12. OLd E, man had some interesting times with that shit :cool: ....but yeah if i drink ill almost always smoke a little sumthin sumthin with it ;)
  13. for everyone talkin' like shots mess 'em up u can mix alchohol with juice or pop u know it's really good

    if it's a dark liquor it'll mix good with coca cola

    if it's light it should go well with grapefruit or orange juice

    if it's light and really strong I.E. 151, or everclear try cranberry-grape juice i mixed it with Eclear and it tasted great
  14. 4 tequila shots and about 4 MGD's and i'm really chill. Not a daily drinker.
  15. yeah your a plastered drinker

    P.S. the post is "what u like BETTER" so their is no beer & liquor or an "all of the abowe" just pick your favorite
  16. Damn if you put it that way, MGD! happy? i hope so!
  17. wasn't cpmplainin' or talkin specifically to u but yeah i am happy

    MGD is a good choice was my first in beer too until i experienced Alaskan Amber
  18. DirtyDingus thats your 420th post man

    *lights bowl*

    MGD does kick ass.

    Anyone else drink 40s? Its like drinkin 7 beers.
  19. I was the one who voted that I don't drink.
    I used to drink every chance I could get. I burned myself out on it by the time I was 25. When I drank beer I could drink ALL nite.......ALL the beer. I drank whiskey a few times, then when I was 16, I went 'round with a pint of Jack and he kicked my ass!! Ended up in the hospital over that one......'bout killed me!!! I still drink occasionally when the ol' mans band plays. I have a couple margaritas and 6 or 8 shots of tequila and I'm good & fucked up!! I've had these two bottles of tequila here at home forever. I just never feel like hittin' 'em.!!
  20. Hennessy and SoCo, yo

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