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  1. I just got a new bong and I'm wondering what type of liquids to put in it to change the taste of the smoke. What liquids have you tryed
  2. Kool aid. But IMO water is the best.
  3. I prefer piss. Easy to get a hold of and easy to switch out when my bong gets dirty.

    Kidding. Stick with water, bro. o_O Leave other stuff in there for too long and it can be a bitch to clean.
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    Coconut milk. That thing makes a difference!

    ** It's much better than regular milk since it has no fat comparing to the regular one. Well fats absorb the THC**
  5. Just use water, sugar and liquids that contain fat absorb fractions of the THC in the herb, as THC is sugar and fat soluble. Also, using other liquids can make your bong sticky too.
  6. Yeah water is the way to go unless your a bong drinker. Nun wrong with though not my thing. I did once for a dare it will get you pretty high
  7. Try water hot, cold, and iced(small ice chips$

    Tea: green, black, white, oolong

    Plain Coffee

    Also don't use anything with high fructose corn syrup as no one knows if the Monsanto toxins can do to you when smoked.

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