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Liquid Vicodin??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by getmoney90, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. So there are tons of threads and just general information about how much percocet and vicodin cost on the street, but how about liquid vicodin? I know it's hard to get and it's more pure than the pill form.

    Question: How much would liquid vicodin go for on the street?
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    Liquid vicodin, never heard of it. It would sell for the same price per mg as normal hydrocodone would im sure though. If it was pure liquid vicodin, then proboally a lot more as it could be injected. But i cant see that happening, because they still put the filler in the liquid to keep the hydrocodone and acetaminophen dissolved, so yeah. Its pretty much the same stuff, it just does not show up on the street much.

    EDIT: Why would it be more "pure" then pill form? Its still got the same amount of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, just like 30 doses in a bottle. Just like 30 pills, in a bottle. Still has filler and such in the liquid.
  3. ur not talking about promethazine with codeine???? lol
  4. my homie got some liquid hydrocodone for his cough..seen the prescription bottle and errythang..so it def. exists.:smoke::smoke:
  5. Liquid hydrocodone for cough's has a different syrupy shit filler. I think the stuff that was mentioned was the kind they give to people with like broken shoulders, who cant swallow pills. Same amount of apap/hydrocodone per like 15ml as 1 pill :p
  6. It's not for a cough or anything like that. My sister was prescribed it awhile back I think for when she had her tonsils out and couldn't hardly swallow anything.
    And I heard it was more pure, but I could be wrong.
    So then it would cost the same if they were pills?
  7. maybe this dood is talking about liquid hydrocodone?
  8. i took two wigs of it and then drank whiskey... bad idea.
  9. It's called tussionex. It's a cough syrup for really horrible coughs like with bronchitous and shit like that I called a script for it a long time ago before I got into drugs. It was my first time getting a high and I didn't even mean for it to happen.
  10. hydrocodone polistirex. It's suspended in a polymer for increased duration of adminstration ( to hold off cough overnight).

    It's not "more pure" than hydrocodone bitartrate. I presume this rumor got started becuase it's "liquid".
  11. It's frequently prescribed for cough; particularly where insomnia is involved.

    Again, the purity is the same as hydrocodone bitartrate in pill form.
  12. thank you =)

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