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Liquid Vicodin and Liquid Codeine (pics)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PastyWhitey, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Tonight is going to be awesome. I got the hookup on some VI-Q-Tuss akaTussinex aka Liquid Hydrocodone. :hello:

    Also, got my favorite, Iophen-C aka Iophen w/ Codeine. Leanned ya heard. :cool:

    Bout to head to my boys house for a oz of AK47, hit the store for some grape blunts, grape jolly ranchers, and 2 20oz of sprite.

    Turn off all the lights and watch the lightning roll in listenin to some chopped up not slopped up ya heard. Leanin smokin on the green and feelin like a king. ya dig.

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  2. Your so lucky man. Fuck am i jealous!

  3. Shit me too!
  4. listen 2 sum dj emurda best dj for chopped not sloped shit ever
  5. Naw bro, its only the late great Screw on tonight. Pop the seal, pour dat four, purple sprite you hit the floor. My lady friends senior picture for those asking.

    He was out of AK, had to settle for.....Lemon Diesel:D and one of my bongs.

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  6. you did it big man, sick shit. ive always wanted to get my lean on

  7. Ya this is the first time I've ever got liquid vicodin. I've heard rumors of it going for around $800 a pint, I got it for $250. :D

    My source normally has the official Promethazine w/ Codeine, but fuck it ya dig. $200 for that pint. :)

    Diesel was the real pocket crusher. $400. Its worth it. Smells like someone made lemonaid in a 5 gallon gas can. Hits you, grabs you, sits you down, and proves that no matter what you think, your still a bitch. :smoke:

    I also got a brick of some lite green. $2000. Won't ever be in my system so I don't think it needs a review.

    PS. Always use moderation when fucking with Codeine. I cannot stress this enough. RIP Pimp C RIP DJ Screw

    PSS. I don't care if anyone can get it cheaper. or if they get better. I can get anything I want in an hour maximum. I'll pay a premium for reliabilty, especially in the Midwest.
  8. DAMN! $800 a pint is crazy.. nice price you paid. I like Codeine w/ Prometh (purp) cuz I can go to higher doses without postnarcotic nausea, like I get more often with Tussinex/Hydromet (Hydrocodone preperations). Love me some lean:cool:
  9. Lol, got that purple syrup? I do! Is there anything I could drink with it that would take away that terrible cough syrup taste lol.
  10. Sprite and Grape Jolly ranchers? A grape swisher filled up with lemon diesel?

    I'm out of ideas. I think it tastes good. IMHO Only OTC shit tastes syrupy, the real shit tastes good.
  11. Well, this is prescription generic shit. I'm prescribed to 7.5/750 generic vics and this bottle of Pro/Cod. I thought I'd give dipping a bleezy in the syrup and smoking it a try, dumb mistake. Tasted good, but still a waste. Where's a crack rock when you need one.
  12. I bet it will taste horrible ahaha good luck!
  13. Tried it with a grape swish, tasted kinda good, didn't do shit for me though lol. I might just mix half/half half sizzurp half grape fuckin koolaid :p
  14. The tussinex is that shit, tastes so good. The codeine syrup I had (Tussi-organidin, diabetic) made it hard as fuck to breathe.
  15. I just filled a small cup, 1/4th syrup, 3/4th Strong tasting Tropical fruit punch Kool-Aid. Not feeling much right of yet.
  16. youre so cool
  17. I second that.

    Yoo, hook a boi up would ya? :rolleyes:
  18. I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not. I'm guessing you are. Its okay, Jealous Ones Always Envy ya dig.
  19. Sizzurp is real fucking good with orange soda. No joke.
  20. I usually just drink it straight. Just less shit to drink and you get fucked up faster. :)

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