Liquid Valium

Discussion in 'General' started by d-block305, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Has anyone obtained a vial of valium/diazepam?? any experiances with vials, turning it to powder? id rather not iv. it tastes nasty, so no oral use? any thoughts
  2. I really didn't even know they made Liquid V. I don't know what the properities of it are, otherwise i'd say IV it, but hmm.... just tough it up and swallow that shit down.

  3. ya, i did, easy for u to say. i still tasted this bitter ass aftertaste for 1/2 hour, and drinkin everything tasted like it.
  4. Well hey, atleast you'll be fucked up. I usually drink hot chocolate when a nasty taste won't leave my mouth, that usually covers it up, or a shot of vodka.

  5. you dont understand, i hope you never have to. it taste like old latex gloves
  6. Hey there,

    It's not liquid valium...

    It's Injectable Valium. Maybe thats why it didnt taste too good? mmm...

  7. so, therefore, it is liquid valium....
  8. you could let it evaporate at low heat. then take the powder sublingually.

  9. Haha yeh dude, I think he meant it wasn't for oral consumption...
  10. I agree with Shagra, its done with ketamine all the time
  11. put a few drops into a beer and see how it tastes. How about some more information, or a pic?
  12. can i ask why you even want/are looking for liquid valium? what about the pills doesnt do the trick??? if your not gonna bang it, whats the pt?

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