Liquid to put in Bong?

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  1. What liquid can I put in my Bong to lessen the coughing effect? Ice, flavored drink, flavored tea or what? thanks
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    Buckleys cough and cold

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  3. Lol just kidding. I personally use just above room temp filtered water, and I find it makes my hits less harsh.

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  4. unfortunately that volume of smoke may make you cough at times. ice and cold or even steaming water helps, but realize its a lot of smoke to take in your lungs at once.
  5. Something just to get used to. I'll find out in a few days when I smoke my first bong, maybe just put little in a bowl.
  6. Very cold water with ice. Or gatorade cuz that shit is delicious.
  7. My buddy at work says warm water and some orange peels works pretty well.

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  8. The best thing you can do to prevent cough is smoke better weed

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  9. This new thing called water aha ... Try eating a coughdrop then hitting it maybe ?
  10. Water or drink some milk.
  11. You can take smaller hits.  Get properly cured and flushed pot if you aren't getting it already.
    Cold water is harsher than warm.  It condenses the smoke and also contains less water vapor.  Think about it, when you're sick with a sore throat do you drink hot tea or ice water?
  12. I can guarantee you that putting any kind of flavoured drink in your bong will lead to the nastiest foulest smell you can imagine. Learned that in my early teens. Shit gets funky after the first hit. Really it's probably a tolerance thing, or holding the lighter on the bowl for too long. Or some shitty weed that hasn't been dried properly. Try putting your bud in a ziplock bag in the sun for a bit. If the bag condenses up then you know.
  13. Dihyrdogen Monoxide, check it out brah, youll love it ;)

    I swear if no one gets that joke I am gonna smack a bitch
  14. ice water then fill the top chamber with snow if you have an ice catch.
  15. Thanks for suggestions, I'll start with basic water and see how my throat handles it.
  16. I think that using hot water really helps make a hit smoother.  I use it all the time.  The steam that you inhale with the smoke really helps your throat.
    I don't boil the water or anything but I'll turn the tap on max hot (our house's heater is limited to 125F) and pour that in.  I would prefer hotter water though.
  17. There is nothing better than clean H2o in a bong, tried mixing water & mio together taste good the first hit but continuously became more harsh through out the bowl. I changed it half way through with reg.water and I started getting big clouds like I normally do.using Fiji makes my hits feel a lot better lol. My advice, use water.

    Who Dat!
  18. I got da remedy right here. you got 3 options here. 1) buy an ice catcher 2) put ice where the liquid is 3) use lemonade as the liquid (keep in mind this is a bitch to clean, kinda a one time thing. 4) have a cough drop in your mouth (careful to not swallow the cough drop). 5) im not sure if this works, but fill the bong up with more water, so that the water touches the liquid more.
    I am SICK of seeing posts like this. It is people like you that turn marijuana into something dangerous. Pouring a known KILLER into a bong is a great way of RUINING YOUR LIFE.
    Facts about dihydrogen monoxide:
    Too much CAN kill you if swallowed,
    SMALL AMOUNTS can KILL if inhaled. 
  20. Took a week and a half but someone got the joke :p

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