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liquid THC?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by your bud, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever had liquid thc? a friend of mine said his friend had a formula to make liquid thc. dont think they have tested it yet but he said it should work. i havnt tried to make cuase if it is unsuccessfull there is a lot of pot down the drain
  2. thc is just a chemical so it should be able to melt down into liquid form. i've heard of thc pills that you can take to get high, funny thing is those are government issued.
  3. are you reffering to hash oil? that's as close to liquid thc as i can think of.
  4. marinal/marinol...i have some..tehre THC pills lol
  5. Where the hell did you get marinal?
  6. i know of cannabis oil you can get. it's quite expensive here in the UK, and i've heard it's a class A drug, as opposed to normal weed/hash which is a class C.

    you just coat a cigarette with the stuff and let it dry, or if you want to get really really really really fucked then do the same with a joint.
  7. I think you're talking about either hash oil or marinol(sp).
  8. i'm not talking about marinol. i've never seen it in my life.

    and i dunno, maybe hash oil is the same thing as cannabis oil. but the stuff i got was called cannabis oil.

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