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Liquid smoke

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by gimlithunder, May 15, 2011.

  1. today after going through my pantry i saw a jar of liquid smoke. for those that don't know it is basically the smoke of hickory which has been condensed into a liquid to add flavor to food you cook.

    I've made it from wood at home, but i was curious if anyone had ever tried it with bud? I've just spent about an hour googling it and so far I've found nothing, but if it worked it would be an easy way to make edibles.
  2. try it! let me know how it goes

  3. I will! might be a while though, I have wait until I have some extra money to do it
  4. I doubt it, once marijuana is combusted the smoke is only full of lovely THC for a few seconds, after that it is just stale smoke. If you could make this liquid smoke without combusting the weed it may work.
  5. Liquid smoke, at least the commercial kind, is made with water. THC is not soluble in water. Stick with fats/oils, glycerine (for candy), and alcohol.
  6. Why the hell would you want to do anything like that?
  7. Because he possibly can
  8. sounds cool, keep us posted brahh

  9. Homemade liquid smoke only uses cold water to condense the smoke, and the smoke never actually comes into contact with the water. smoke is run through a coper pipe in a container of cold water where it condenses and drips out

    I am thinking about trying it tomorrow though

  10. As an alternative to making butter to cook with
  11. You obviously haven't thought it through. First of all the proposed method won't really work well if at all. Second, you hardly use nearly as much liquid smoke as you would butter or other oils. Want alternatives? Use olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, etc. Cannabinoids are not water soluble, and regardless you'd be lucky to wind up with .1% THC in your product.

    It's just a bad idea. Come to grips with that fact and move on.

  12. Take the advice!

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