Liquid Smoke...we should all try this and post our videos here!

Discussion in 'General' started by SpiffyDeeeezy, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. [ame=]Liquid Smoke in a Glass - YouTube[/ame]

    another cool thing i found out while camping was blowing smoke into bubbles lol
  2. Haha yeah that is pretty cool.

    I seen another blade a few months back that made their own vid on this

    I aint never tried it though, i'd end up wasting all the smoke
  3. ahah dude thats sick. id have inhaled the smoke back from the glass though. thats a hit right there bruh.
  4. Lol,

    "I got hits to waste!"
  5. Do you need any kind of special preparation for the glass or anything? Like freeze it or some shit?
  6. lmao i know right?! someone in the comments to that video said "what the hell you wasted your drink...i would have finished the drink!"

    he said just use a cold glass...his glass didnt look frozen prob just stick it in the fridge? ima try it when i get should look up the "smoke table" too that shits insane....the wonders of smoke
  7. I did it XD but ill do it again later on video lol
  8. Sweet! Was it hard?? :hello::hello:

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