Liquid Sci Glass?

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  1. I recently bought myself a piece similar to this at a LHS. I love the way it rips, it's super smooth yet retains a lot of flavor and it still clears instantly. I just want to know if you guys have more information on this company? What's the low-down.

    [ame=]Liquid Glass w/ Double Jacuzzi Percs MILKY - YouTube[/ame]
  2. All I really know is they do some work with Merc. That's about it lol.
  3. Anyone else know anything?
  4. it was created by somebody who quit from aka RooR Tech, which is why they look similar to them as well as lux
  5. they have the double "disk/honeycomb/jacuzzi" bubbler at my LHS, looks quality
  6. as said above, the company is a few guys who broke off from before starting spiraling downhill. its mid-level glass, but sadly i see it with high end pricetags on alot of shops.

    i had a liquid sci 10 arm tree bubbler, but sadly it was not a sturdy or well constructed piece. the glass was fairly thin, id guess 3mm, and the joints on the tree per broke at the first light impact. i dropped it about 18 inches into carpet and almost every joint inside disintegrated. i would have been ok with that if it had cost half of what i paid.
    im not saying its trash like say weedstar, but its definitely not on par with high end glass companies products (many of which can be found at similar prices). iv seen toros kicked around like a football without their tree percs breaking, so just dont think your getting a high quality piece like that from liquid science. the logos were also very cheap, and started wearing off at the first cleaning.

    the slide that came with mine, and every slide iv seen on a liquid sci piece recently, are absolute garbage. ice pinch slide with the pinches so loose its pretty much un-usable without sticking a screen ontop of them.

    personally im staying away from the company, the quality vs price just does not add up. i see decent sized liquid sci tubes in LHS for like 400 give or take, but considering the quality of their pieces its a better option to shell out the extra 50 or 100 bucks and get something from a high end company like sovereignty or mobius, or dave goldstein.

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