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liquid morphine sulfate HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by THCeeds, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. okay so i found some of my rents liquide morphine sulfate and i wanna know how much i should take oraly... generally... i weight 160 also.. do i just drop it in my mouth or what??

    how many mg should i take it says coution its realy high concetrated and i dont wanna overdose or anything

    please help i need quick awsners before my rents get home

    thanks city!
  2. 30-50mg should be a good dose. (thats a small buzz for the pill form) Whats the dose per tbls and the recommended dosage?
  3. im not sure but i heard if you take tha tabs orally you need ALOT like over 100 mg cuz i got lots of tabs but i also got this liquid shit... and i really wanna take some idk how much to take or HOW to properly take it
  4. If you found their liquid morphine I'm assuming that it was perscribed to them? Unless your parents are recreational drug users.

    If its in a bottle, it should have some label on it. So just type whatever is on the bottle, there should be some clue there to a normal dose. It would be highly "unusual" for it to be in a plain bottle.
  5. no it just says how many mgs per millaliter on it and tha drug name n some warnings
  6. Ok, I'm going to guess its one of the following:

    Looking on Erowid might help, heres the list of all morphine experiences:

    I would probably start off slow, try about 20mg for example. See how that feels after about 15 minutes or so. If you still don't feel anything try a little more, but don't push it, if you start getting into reasonably strong doses its best to just stop, instead of getting impatient and taking one spoonful to many.

    Let me know how it works out for ya.

  7. yeh i still cant figure out how much to take.... i think im just ganna take 20 mg oral and see what happens but 20 mgs oral seems like it would be alot cuz that equils tha whole dropper full

    *shrugs* idk... should i just do it even tho it looks like it would be to much... i mean visually its a full i dropper seems like it would be to much *shrugs* idk ive experinced with opiats alot actully but not liquide morphine
  8. my rents will be home in about 10 minuts.... should i take it??? lol
  9. What is the dose/mL?

    If its 20mg/mL then it would take 1mL to fill up the dropper, but it would also take 1mL to fill it up with 5mg/mL or 10mg/mL, so they will all have the same volumer, no matter how many mg/mL there are. If theres doubt though, start small enough that your comfortable, theres never any harm in taking too small a dose.

    Edit: didn't see your response. I'd proboly go with 20mg, that seems to be the consencus on erowid as well, around the 20mg range.
  10. I'd wait it out and find info on it.
  11. well ive been trying to search so much on it and i can barley find any info on it argh ><
  12. 1 ml is 20 mgs which is a full idroper
  13. Take a full dropper with you, start with 5mg or 10mg and that way you still have the dropper while your rents are home, then put the bottle back, or even take 0mg, but atleast you'll have a full dropper if you decide to do it later:cool:
  14. i cant just take tha whole dropper with me plus it would prlly drop out in my pocket.... i think im just ganna put a full droper in a glass of water and drink it *shrugs* if nothing happens oh well... if i get fucked up than yay..... sound like it would be a good idea??? any quick imput before i do it folks?
  15. Same concept as just taking the dropper, put it in the water and take it lol, then you've always got it if you don't do it.

    Putting it in water will be fine, because since its oral its going to mix with water in your stomach.
  16. allright im doing it i guess ill drink half tha glass and w8 like 10 mins and drink tha other half???? should that be good??

    any last imput?
  17. Have you taken it? whats happening? feeling it?
  18. I'm sure you'll be fine.

    I doubt one dropper would kill you. It's not super potent like LSD.
  19. Don't dilute it and drink it.
    Squirt it in your mouth and let it sit under your tongue.

    +rep for knowing your shit bro.

    anyway, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR MATH RIGHT. you can kill yourself.

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