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Liquid Hash Oil?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by paultheghost, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. So I'm thinking about making some hash oil and then soaking (or otherwise applying) the oil to my cigarettes so I can smoke while I smoke. :D

    I've read different tutorials on how to make hash, but every result looks like it would be difficult to apply to pre-rolled cigarettes.

    Is there any technique for getting a more liquidy hash oil, and does anyone know the best way to apply it to cigarettes, or even the proper amount to apply?
  2. Depending on how you made it, I think I read somewhere that all you need is a few drops to catch a good buz, maybe hold the cigarette vertically, filter tip facing downward, and apply 3 - 5 drops on the other end. The oil should trickle down enough to be consistent throughout.
  3. he wants to know how to make it, dawg.

    op, idk.
  4. Hash oil is generally extremely viscous or solid. The best way of applying hash oil to cigarettes would be through rolling your own cigarettes. It would be very difficult to apply hash oil to pre rolled tubes. You can try heating up the oil to soften or water it down.

  5. That's what I was thinking, but I'm confounded as far as the application goes, because I don't want to waste oil by brushing it on or dropping it, so I guess I would just roll the cigarette around in the oil, or dip it in if I had enough.
  6. Your best bet with pre-rolled cigarettes is probably just applying oil to the end of the cigarettes. When I used to be in high school, we would go to the pool hall, set ground up bud on the table, and smoke the buds by pushing our cigarettes down on the buds and smoking them.
  7. I think that's what I'm just going to have to do, apply to the end of the cigarette.

    So now, does anyone know how to thin the oil so it's more like blood than honey?
  8. Dilute it slightly with strong alcohol then apply and let it dry very well.
  9. Strong alcohol as in 80 proof vodka, or ISO?
  10. Everclear or 91% Iso would be best. Make sure you let it dry at least overnight if you use Iso; you don't want any residue left. Use just enough to make it so you can 'paint' it on.
  11. Awesome, thanks a ton!

    I'd rep you, but it says that I can't. ;_;
  12. You're welcome. I'm here to help.

    My work here is done *flies off into the sunset, joint in his mouth*
  13. i wonder if you can shoot the oil up
  14. Whoever tries it first gets a Darwin award!
  15. the hash oil ive had has always been really thick like tar, you could scrape some of it out with the end of a paperclip and just kind of spread it on the cig/bowl/whatever, its definately way different from from normal hash. oil is the shit if its good.
  16. I would try twisting a little tobacco out of the end of the cig. Then roll a tiny hash ball
    and stuffing it in to the cigerette, apply a small ammount of tobacco over the hash to conceal it. tell me of you try this.
  17. all the hash oil in the 70 was liquid.
  18. put a drop on the tobbacco end and hit the cig without lighting it it will suck it htrough like pop through a straw

    i think

    repeat as needed
  19. I would just take your favorite light brand of smokes and some zigzags (your preferred papers). Then cut the filters in half. Next if you have it, use a rolling machine to make the new cigarettes with beads of hash mixed in with it. :smoke:
    Thats how I'd do it, but there are plenty of other ways.
  20. I'm trying to avoid rolling my own cigarettes.
    Plus I prefer Turkish Royals to anything that I could buy in a bag and roll myself.

    Thanks for all the help, guys.

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