Liquid Double Perc W/ Syn Ash Catcher

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    Any opinions? I paid $200 for it 
    Liquid Glass w/ 18mm female
    Showerhead Perc base
    10 stem Perc middle
    Bubble & Ice Catcher top
    (the slider thats in the picture was just a temporary one until the next day)
    Syn Pill Bottle w/ 14mm female downstem
    I also just picked up a 14/18 double male bubble with 14 ti nail and a simple dome
    I still havent named it......i have no idea what to name it
    2013-06-03 05.30.15.jpg
    2013-06-03 05.29.50.jpg

  2. Nice bong...those water levels though
  3. too high? too low?
    it seems to work perfect at that level.....when i hit it the water goes up to the second perk and slowly drains back down to the bottom chamber
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    The bottom is overfilled and the tree Percs don't looks filled either lol. Lower the water level then pour some water in through the top.

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