Liquid doses picture!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dan Gleesac, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. whats up city? yesterday i picked up 12 liquid doses on sugar cubes....

    i only have three left and i gotta say these are fantastic id have to give them and 8/10...

    this was my first time with liquid and i cant wait to get some more!!

  2. Nice pickup man, I envy you. Have fun with that shit man. Good vibes your way.
  3. Fuck I cant wait for all this LSD that seems to have recently hit the streets to head up my way.. I havent seen a single hit in years

  4. hahaha you might have to wait a while for this stuff to make it to in the atlantic north east
  5. It's pretty much impossible to find cid where I live.
  6. right on dude. a few weeks ago i was gifted a sugar cube that's supposed to be family fluff. i can't wait to check it out:D
  7. Yea that'd be quite the voyage across the USA.. I may never see it in that case :(

    Well anyway, have fun man, good luck with your future trips

    Seems like certain areas are much more prone to getting good Lucy.. You and I must live in some of those areas that just sees a little bit of shitty acid now and again
  8. Nice pickup my friend! My buddy usually uses shock tarts (or some candy) rather than sugar cubes; I would prefer sugar cubes as im sure they do a better job at absorbing...

    If you don't mind me asking, where in the NE are you at?
  9. i live on the outskirts of philadelphia theres always good everything flowin through town.....
  10. there's gonna be a flood when the dead comes to town:laughing:
  11. Wouldnt the flash from the camera make the cid lose potency

  12. i know i cant fucking wait for those shows im still trying to find tickets

    no flash....
  13. Would that really make a difference? It can't be any worse than leaving it in a lit up room for a few min
  14. good point. i mean he's probably gonna finish the last three soon so they will definitely be good
  15. for some reason this made me lol
  16. i love sugar cubes, all the times ive had em have been good. Good vibes to ya man
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    Nice my dude.

    I had some on sugar cube's a few time's.I dont like sugar that much though,dont ask why I even typed that,I'm high.

    Nice though,wish I had a few hit's.That is a good idea,get some Lsd.

    Let me add this in for those that cant seem to find any cid.It seemed impossible to find around here too.So I started looking around really hard and went to the biggest people I know,that's how I eventually got a connect for it.First time I bought it from this guy it was microdot's.I think that's what you call the small pill's right?They were off purple and not very big at all.Still remember those thing's.I want more of them.
  18. well seeing as this thread has been revived i ate only one of those sugar cubes (i gave the others to the people i tripped with) and it was of the best single doses ive ever eaten and eating it on a sugar cube was awesome cause i dont know but it was just cooler then blotter or gel tabs
  19. just come to SF everyone!

    run around here long enough and you'll find some

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