Liquid Acid

Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Did a quick search and didn't find anything. I might be getting some potent liquid acid for 12$/hit today. I have no idea how to take it. Do I just swallow it? Or let it chill in my mouth for a little bit?:confused:
  2. It's liquid acid? I'd drop the hit under my tounge.

    I think it's preferable to just let it chill in your mouth - although I'm pretty sure swallowing it would get the job done.
  3. i have known of a guy putting it in the side of his eye...well like the inner..
  4. Go for under the tongue , IMO I would stay away from the eyes. If ya want to take it later put a drop on a sugar cube. See ya after the trip. Peace
  5. Crossin' my fingers! Hope it all comes through tonight!
  6. i gotta try droppin that shit in my eyes.. cant find liquid up here tho
  7. Ive never done acid nor liquid acid. Shrooms yes but neither of those.

    Anybody care to explain if there is a different feeling buzz?
  8. acid for me has always been a more pleasant happy type high in comparison to shrooms, i enjoy acid much more but some prefer shrooms due to the shorter high as well

    more intense visuals, and longer lasting than shrooms, as well as cheaper prices(at least around me, $3 a tab, while $20 an 1/8 of shrooms)
  9. lucky bitch. :eek:

    just kidding, thats envy talking.

    just swallow it man, i honestly have had zero difference with droppers whether its in my mouth or swallowed immediately. zero difference.

    but i will tell you one thing from experience, if you let it chill in your mouth, your gonna be a sad motherfucker if you accidently sneeze. fuckin pissed me off.
  10. depends easier to give you bunk in a bottle then on blotter

    ask for a cheaper sample or something before you buy a shitload and dose before you make any sort of big buy of it
  11. my friends usually drop it in there mouth and swallow.

    I heard you trip harder if you put it in your eye but theres a risk of going blind(only hearsay)

    one of my friends dropped 3 hits in his eye and tripped balls for I dont even know how long.

    technically you could put it anywehre on your body and it will soak in. didnt hendrix put that shit on his headband when he played concerts?

    side note: I dont think ill ever try this drug, Im not much of a psychonaut, I enjoyed my first shroom trip however it was more of a mild one I think, visuals a little melting and overall great feeling but my second shroom trip made me understand more about myself and what I was doing that I know im not in a right place right now to try that.

    umm i guess my point to that was I hope you enjoy your trip and let us know how it goes.

  12. The people that im getting it from have to drive probably... 30ish miles to go get it, and their being lazy. Hopefully I get them to get it for me today - with a little bribery.
  13. Just remember all acid aren't CREATED =. It made by all types , some cleaner than others. We use to get by the visine bottle full, and just make blotters under a black light or drops under the tongue or in the mouth, as barsandstrips said anywhere works. As far as differences I think acid effect the body more as far as glands and thing like that. Ur taste is altered, have sex on acid, if ya can . Just my op. peace

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