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liqour before or after weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by kashii, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. so its been a loooooong ass day and i have enough jack left for 1 or 2 shots, i also wanna get high so wats better whiskey then weed or weed then whiskey or is it better just not to mix the 2 at all?

  2. i'd say whiskey before, then when you get high the high and drunk start to interact, and it's great for awhile.
  3. My friend did it before and started throwing up his lungs. It was bad, all night and mourning he was throwing up.
  4. I'm thinking after, because I know for a fact beforehand will make you puke something fierce if you are drunk and you get a bit too high...
  5. Man up? :confused_2: before and after
  6. have a bong... then do a shot without breathing the smoke out then breath it out after ;D
  7. OR Bong Rip > Hold your breath > Shotgun a beer > Take a shot > Let your breath out. > Win
  8. Ok well there's upsides and downsides to both:

    Liquor before Weed -> If you are too drunk then smoke, you will probably get the spins and get really sick, but if you aren't too drunk it's really nice.

    Weed before Liquor -> Buzz-wise this is your best option, but I personally can't STAND taking shots after I smoke. It's disgusting.

    Mixing alcohol and cannabis can be a very nice buzz. Just don't drink too much. Just enough for a nice buzz.
  9. from experience: 1. either drink all of it, but be careful and smoke less (it will be quite intense if you drink enough)
    2. drink half of it, then smoke, and about half into the high drink the other half

    i could be more precise if i knew how much that exactly is, but where i live we dont measure liquor in shots, but in deciliter :)
  10. 1.) Take a big, fat rip off the herb but don't exhale. 2.) Take a shot. 3.) Blow out the smoke. 4. Smoke a bit more 5.) Finish off your bowl by repeating steps 1-3
  11. 2 Shots of Jack should be just right for a buzz that wont hurt when mixed with herb. Id say Liquor first then a bowl out of a bong will put you somewhere nice :D
  12. I like to drink after. If i am drunk or approaching that stage, i tend to take huge rips and get the spins. I like to blaze before so i can pace myself when i drink.
  13. 1 before, 1 after.
  14. Well two shots won't get you too drunk but I would agree with 420potsmoka though and go with one before one after.
  15. Drink after.

    In my personal experiences, mixing the two isn't necessarily pretty.
  16. Not sure but iv thaught the same. One of my most fucked up experinces were with some liq and weed. It was awsome. Long as I was just the passenger, driving would be a trip....haha. :)
  17. One night you're gonna be partying really hard and you're gonna realize that it doesnt matter. Then you're gonna smoke and drink at the same time and love it
  18. I would smoke a few hits of weed then take a shot to cure the cotton mouth. Finish off the bowl then take your second shot.
  19. Smoke first then drink.
    Or have one drink, smoke, and then drink the rest of your alcohol.
    I find though if I get really hammered, I will get horrible spins- so dont overdo the drinking.
  20. mix it up. Friday night, i smoked,then drank vodka, and threw down a couple beers. Then i smoked more after that. I've never been more fucked up in my life. It was the best feeling in the world. go for it.

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