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  1. okkkkk
    so for some reason.... my motherfucking windows xp wont load...
    i have Kubuntu Linux installed too (very thankful i do so i can atleast use my comp.)
    and anyways... kubuntu seems so much less than i expected from linux

    ive seen Beryl now used on youtube and i fucking want it

    im looking at the sabayan (sp?) distro but wasnt sure if there was a better choice

    i ammmm new to linux but i do know a fairly good deal about computers (more so hardware and software not programming)

    sooo.. i want help figuring out which distro to use.. ii wouldnt mind some help setting it up
    and i also would like help getting beryl on my system once i have a good distro

    oh and i was wondering if theres anyway to view my files (like mp3's and ish) i have on my harddrive .. can only see the ones i got using windows when im in windows...

    You can find instructions there about how to mount an NTFS partition under *nix. If you're unfamiliar with linux I have two recommendations: stick with Ubuntu or some other Debian-based distro and learn slowly, or dive in headfirst with a distro where you have to build the entire subsystem from scratch, like Gentoo. You'll be confused as all get out, but you'll learn quickly enough.
  3. sooo if its possible... can you help me install beryl on my kubuntu
  4. ive used linux before, mainly for file recovery and maintenance shit. i used to run slax, slackware, suse, redhat and ive used a few other distros before.

    if your really interested in messing with your ntfs partition for data recovery or shit like that, you can get a bootable, yes, bootable from the CD version of XP called something like Bart PE. look for it, you make an image from your xp disk and then burn this part PE (preinstalled environment) and you can read, mount and edit NTFS drives and shit. very useful and as i said, all you need is the CD.

    good luck man, and its good to know there are many other opened minded PC users out there. when i get my new mac, ill have windows vista, mac osx 10.5 leopard and slackware all bootable from my startup screen.
  5. uh so the ubuntuguide is fucking rediculous... can you give me some info thatll just help me understand everything easier..

    i dont get shit like "sudo apt-get -y upgrade"
    and i dont know which sources.list file it wants me to use

    i probly sound like an idiot trying to figure this out but oh well
  6. i dont have my windows xp install disk :(
  7. you could always download one from your preffered source, then burn it as a disk image, thats what i did. if you go to college, your college will sell windows disks if they have a tech support place. mine sells xp pro disks for 5 dollars even and they are the real deal hologrpahic disks. its so sweet, i am waiting for them to sell vista at cheapo prices so i can get that without ppaying out my ass for it, even though it blows.
  8. stick with debian linux or ubuntu or you can run sabayon its like a watered down gentoo, ive never ran sabayon. welcome to linux!
  9. Kubuntu is my Distro of choice, but i cannot stand not being able to play games.

    Granted, you can use wine, winex, cvs cedega yaddah yaddah, but the games dont play as well. cs freezes quite often.

    Kubuntu is probably the best IMO, pclinuxos is decent too, i actually may rethink, and duel boot to pclinuxos for a while, and see how it is.

    i definitely like linux the best. and if you need any help, just pm me. Beryl is nice, i fucking love the look of it.
  10. I'm running Xubuntu here, sans Beryl (1GHz compy). Up until a few months ago I was running Debian.
  11. yaaaay i got beryl on my comp... its not running the greatest
    but i'm gonna fix that

    im about to basically rebuild my comp...

    im ordering a:
    dual core AMD 64 x2 5400 and sli motherboard -
    that comes with 1gb of ram too..

    or should i should a AMD 64 fx62? or even possibly intelll duo

    but im also getting 2 gbs of sli ram -

    and 2 identical sli video cards -

    and im going to be only spending 300-400 of it at a time
    so basically
    do you think i should get the cpu/motherboard & ram first
    or 2 video cards (even though current motherboard isnt sli.. ill just have the other for when i get one) and the ram (same thing with sli)
    orrr even possibly 1 video card and the cpu/motherboard w/out the sli ram yet but still with 1gb of ddr2 ram
  12. I started with buying my mobo cpu and memory and hd. then, i bought a graphics card, then more memory.

    i only spent like 400, total... but that was like 7 years ago.
  13. If u want the best that Ubuntu and Kubuntu have to offer then get Ultimate Ubuntu, You can use Kubuntu so the KDE interface or you can log in using Ubuntu or the gnome interface, u can also use enlightenment on Ult Ubuntu, It also comes with Beryl pre installed, and wine, and many others what they did was take christams version ubuntu and added a bunch of shit on, my one laptop runs ult ubunt, and the other runs Backtrack and XP, backtrack rules it has nearly evrery pertinent hacking and reverse engineering made in the past five yrs (besides brutus and kaine cause there made for win) also the Ult ubuntu gives u access to many more secure and default repositiories, so if u like Kubuntu and Ubuntu then try Ultimate Ubuntu!!!! actually I choose ult ubuntu over SUSE Redhat Slax and fedora, u can use both KDE and Gnome and snd alternate at login and if ur experienced enough u know how difficult that could be 2 write those mods into the kernel. Peace all, on my other laptop I cannot use beryl because of the video card (its uni-chrome type about 2 yrs old) try to get a nvidia card beryl responds to it very well, or another major brand, ohh ya and that barts Pf that retro was talking about was the best thing i've found to pull XP out and reload the ini files and so forth u need to boot XP
  14. anyone else got any suggestions about the hardware im about to buy for me comp?
  15. yeah same situation here. i built mine when the FX 5200 was a half-way decent card. lol.

    LITTLE out of date :)
  16. These links should be helpful. or try (Help find the distro that is right for you) or try (Answer your hardware questions)

    As for the distro I would suggest? That is easy. Slackware! If you want to beat your head against your desk while screaming at God for abandoning you to endless misery, this is the distro for you. :p

    Seriously though, if you survive the baptism by fire that is Slackware, you'll have a very good understanding of Linux... In my opinion at least.

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