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    So, did a little search and didn't see much about Linux/GNU. Figured I would start a thread where people can quibble oveer which distro is the best and show off what they built :smoking:
    Personally, I hop back and forth between Mint 15 64bit Cinnamon, and Arch with Openbox. HP DM4, i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD. I love pacman, but apt-get is just so functional and easy, and most Debian/Ubuntu derivitives just kind of work out of the box, which is nice from time to time.

  2. I use Ubuntu myself, set up dual-boot with Windows 7 for my computer games and iTunes and have a 3rd partition for my libraries (music, documents, videos, pictures, etc).
  3. Android user over here! Eh, its close....
    But I do have lubuntu and ubuntu partitions on my system, and a slew of VMs i dont use lol
  4. Android is Linux! It runs the Linux kernel haha.
  5. It is at the core but most everything runs in the DVM
  6. Been looking into getting a linux dual boot, what would be a good starting point?
    I'm thinking mint 15.
  7. Mint is always a good starting point for beginners. My grandma's computer crashed and I installed mint on it. She uses it like its nobodies business.
  8. Mint is lovely :D
  9. Ubuntu's where it's at. Been loyal since like '08 now, never had a problem.
  10. Back when I used it as my main I had Bodhi Linux. It's lightweight and looks nice.

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