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  1. Somehow I screwed up the settings for the router (model WRT54G). Now my computer can't connect to the router. I ran the linksys cd and it gets to 80% then it said cannot not connect to the router, make sure all your exthernet is connect. It is. I ran the Comand prompt, typing ipconfig /registerdns, then it said unable to connect DCPS server. after that, I tried resetting TCP/IP by going to administrator, comand prompt. Netsh int ip rest c:\resetlog.txt

    still not working, I tried reseting back to factory settings. Still doesn't work.
    Right now, I'm using direct modem/exthernet.

    any suggestions?
  2. I got that same router and its workin perfectly!!:hello::hello::hello:
  3. try system restore.
  4. Linksys has done the same thing to me in the past.

    Try uninstalling everything, deleting the drivers, and then reinstall.

    Before you do that, though...
    What's your gateway address?

  5. Done that. doesn't work.
  6. Did you reset the factory defaults from the Router's control panel?

    or just a manual reset?
  7. control panel? you mean the reset button back of the router?

    yup done that.
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    No, I meant thru the router's main page.

    Type in your browser. (while connected to the router)


    Go to the Administration tab, then the Factory Defaults sub tab, and reset the router from there.

    Come back and tell me when you've done that.
  9. Any update yet?
  10. The default should be with the password of admin and no user name, But you really shouldn't have messed around with C: prompt for a router issue. Just wire into the route type in your router ip address and change things that are needed or just revert back to factory defaults. You should only really be dealing with like 3 different numbers don't change shit else unless you know what your doing.
    My CCNP teacher laughed when some one asked if they should run the cd.
    I thought linksys routers were adult proof, guess not.

    Don't use C: prompt to fix router issue.
  11. The default should be, but if he incorrectly reset his defaults, it would still be The router would just reset instead of resetting the default.

    And Linksys gear has had a tendancy to go haywire on me, as well.

    I'd have a wireless connection running fine for months, and then the DHCP would randomly stop.
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    Hmmm. isn't a correct address. With a subnet address of by default and a paramiter that you cant change on a linskys wireless router you cant use the 0 subnet. Unless I have taken all my CCNA classes and failed to grasp this concept(i wouldn't put it past me). And yes your wireless box will randomly need to be restarted, its not going to be able to run for ever it not Linux! You only payed $50 for it not $1200 on a layer 3 switch.:rolleyes:

    Wire your connection directly into computer.
    Run CMD and type msconfig /all
    Look for the Gateway IP address
    No use that in a Web browser to log into our router
    From there just change what ever you need to.

  13. This is good advice.
  14. I hate Linksys's drivers/control panels.

    You ever hear of DD-WRT?
  15. Yea I want to try the DD-wrt on a linsys box but don't want to end up with a $50 paper weight. I have a couple friends from class that have them set up to do VPN tunnels to each other but havn't tried to set one up myself. I wan't it for the fact you can use it as a repeater for a wireless signal.
    But lately I have been trying to get my onboard wireless card to get setup for Wardriving/ cracking wep/wpa.
  16. same here

    there could be something ruining the actual connection.
  17. I do think we need a Technology section where us stoner geeks can talk bout binary digits and kernel exploits.
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    I haven't modified my WRT54G (which is my main router), but I modified one of my older Motorolas, which is supported. It's great firmware!

    I had a problem connecting my Xbox to the internet upstairs, because my router is in the basment - and no way to run an ethernet cable up two flights. So I modified the Motorola with DD-WRT and put it in wireless bridge mode. It now accepts a wireless link, instead of broadcasting one - and I have a second router upstairs without running my modem to it.

    Quite handy. :)

    I wonder where WDB is?
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    Who doesn't have the wrt54g? Im looking to upgrade to a dual band N version in hopes to get a better bandwidth to my desktop. 54mb/s just aint cuttin it when im trying to transfer gigs of random crap. Thats when im gonna try the DD-wrt firmware. Or my school had something setup with Cisco were i could get a AP with, i think 16 port switch for like 200 bucks that had could handel up to 1gb throughput.
  20. WDB = WackDeafBoy, the thread starter.

    He just kind of dissapeared.

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