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Links to my posted recipie's and PICTORIALS

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by countzer0, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. BUMP
    (added new recipes and links)
  2. Greetings countzer0,
    I just have to try this.. These Sticky Lickies look easy enough and tastie too... Thanks for another great post.. I can hardly wait :)
  3. No problem. I have since gone from making them with canabutter to using green dragon. The chocolates by far were my favorite, next to the surf and turf...
  4. sticky lickies dont work unless you use jello. add jello to the mix if your butter or oil separates from the candy
  5. I use coconut oil, which is solid at room temp... you can get great flavor, and pack more canna/hash concentrate in your candy, by using a solid oil.

    Our candies feel dry as a bone, and pack a huge wallop :)
  6. what method do you use? do you use water with the coconut oil? im at a point where smoking is no longer an option, and i have a very high tolerance. i need something powerful
  7. I use a few different methods, primarily coconut oil, hash and lecithin, decarbed and converted first, then blended and heated in a controlled environment for bioavailability in the oven, sealed in a ceramic dish. This is a link for the concentrated canna candies, it includes a photo tutorial and a number of recipes suitable for canna/hash oil extractions:

    Photo Tutorial: Glowing Canna Candies, oil extraction & more
  8. quick question. does it have to be soy lecithin? can it be sunflower lecithin?
  9. anyone know how to get edibles to kick in faster? say 15-20 mins rather than 45-1hr.

    and what does soy lecithin do exactly?

    I've always liked makin brownies w/ peanutbutter and then throwing into a milk shake :)

  10. You can't make edibles kick in any faster, unless you know a secret way to speed up your metabolism. The food has to be digested bit by bit first, no real way to speed this up.

    Alcohol tinctures usually kick in faster for me, at about 15-30 mins for the initial effects. maybe you should look into that.

    From what i understand, the soy lecithin coats your THC in a protective layer so it's absorbed more easily and you waste less.

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