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  1. Can someone link me the type of CFL's from like amazon i would need for like a 1-2 plant grow for myself. And could you tell me how many i'd need for the 1-2 plant grow. Thanks in advance!
  2. Bump it for the links pretty please
  3. You need at least 100 watt a plant just get 4 60 watt cfl bulbs from any hardware store
  4. Is that he cool white light ones? Cause All the t5 and other cfls I can find dont go up to 60 watts not in my stores around here anyway
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    You can uses 10 20 watt bulbs or 8 30 watt bulbs it REALY doesn't matter what size watt bulbs you use aslong as they add up to 100 watt per plant.

    It's good to use both warm white and cool white bulbs

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