Linkin Park Reanimation

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  1. Great remix album . Not quit the old lp but a head in the right direction. I talked to Mr. Hahn and he informed me a new album is dropping in the winter time..

    What do you guys think?
  2. they got played waaaaay too much and everyone just started oh, how great they got old way fast and when i heard they were putting out a remix album i lost all interest to them. i was looking foward to hearing more from them..they could be a band that could hang around for a while..but I dont know whats up with a remix album.
  3. yeah man lp got played way teh fuck out......i swear theyre one of the most overrated bands out there.......but i mean i think id be more into them if they didnt get played every five seconds on teh radio
  4. Yeah, I really liked there music too when it first came out, but not the ones one the radio, just tracks from the cd. I think that the reanimation is shit. Taking an old song and trying to sell it again. But they did put alot of work into it apparently.
  5. HeY guYS!!! w h o s L I N K I N P A R K ? ?

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

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